Steam Powered 1963 Ford Falcon

Ted Pritchard designed and built steam engine powering a 1963 Ford Falcon. Some vintage footage of Melbourne traffic as well. For more info on the man himself please read this article:

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Steam lorry acceleration
See this steam lorry go! I briefly saw part of a news clip which showed a complicated system (up and running) for cleaning Exhaust from burning of fossil fuels including the CO2 content. I did not see what happens to the residues though. It was in Norway or Sweden I think. Apparently it is very costly to set up, anyone know of it? All comments are most welcome but those containing offensive content or language will be removed.

1924 Doble E, Steam Powered car
Abner Doble was convinced steam power was perfect for cars. By 1922, the model E had been developed; this could be said to be the "classic" Doble, of which the most examples have survived. The initial monotube boiler design was perfected into the "American" type. This produced steam at a pressure of 750 psi (52 bar) and a temperature of 750 °F (400 °C). The tubing was formed from seamless cold drawn steel 575 ft 9 in (175 m) in total length, measuring 22 inches (560 mm) in diameter by 33 inches (840 mm) in height when coiled and assembled. The boiler was cold water tested to a pressure of 7,000 psi (480 bar).[9] Two 2-cylinder compound cylinder blocks were in effect placed back-to-back as the basis for a 4-cylinder Woolf compound unit with high pressure cylinders placed on the outside. A piston valve incorporating transfer ports was fitted between each high-pressure and low-pressure cylinder in an arrangement similar to Vauclain's balanced compound system used on a number of railway locomotives around 1900. Stephenson's valve gear replaced the previous Joy motion. This engine was used on all vehicles developed thereafter. Again, the car neither possessed nor needed a clutch or transmission, and due to the engine being integrated directly into the rear axle, it did not need a drive shaft either. Like all steam vehicles it could burn a variety of liquid fuels with a minimum of modification and was a noticeably clean running vehicle, its fuel being burned at high temperatures and low pressures, which produced very low pollution. Price ranged from $8,800 to $11,200 in 1923.[7] The Model E ran on a 142-inch (3,600 mm) wheelbase. Twenty-four E's were made between 1922 and 1925 with a variety of body types from roadsters to limosines. Owners included Howard Hughes and the Maharajah of Bharatpur. One of the Hughes cars, a roadster engine number 20, is currently owned by Jay Leno. Abner Doble owned the last one - number 24 Source:

1925 Doble Series E Steam Car - Jay Leno's Garage
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Rod Muller's steam car on Goolwa airport runway
Steam car built by Rod Muller with Strath Steam engine and boiler fired on LPG powered by a 2 cylinder vee twin compound engine and monotube steam generator with steam pressure around 800 psi, is non condensing with the speed governed at approx 60 KPH