Steam Powered 1963 Ford Falcon

Ted Pritchard designed and built steam engine powering a 1963 Ford Falcon. Some vintage footage of Melbourne traffic as well. For more info on the man himself please read this article:

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1969 SE-124 Chevelle Converted to Steam by Bill Besler
1969 SE-124 Chevelle converted to steam by Bill Besler in Emeryville, California. This car has 5,000 road miles on it and started from cold in two minutes. It was constructed in one year under contract for General Motors and after they tested it was given back to Besler to donated it to Harrah's Museum from where it was deaccessioned. The engine is a cast iron double acting piston valve compound engine. Fuel is kerosene and boiler is based on the Besler smoke generator coils. Because of the small space in the engine compartment it is underpowered and was limited to about 55 mph.

Live Steam V8 Engine
Live Steam V8 with Unit Steam Engines for my next project: Desert Truck or Crackerbox, we will see...

Car driven by steam
Read more: Could steam power enter the race for fossil fuel alternatives? Swiss engineering may hold the answer.

BAD A$$ Rusty Ford FALCON - Tulsa No Prep
Paul Witty in his bad ass 1960 Ford Falcon going rounds in Big Tire No Prep during the Tulsa Raceway Park Midnight Drags. This garage built hot rod features a 572ci Big Block Ford with a little whiff of Nitrous to help her clear her throat. Even the Chevy guys love this car! lol We should mention that this is also we have filmed 1/4 No Prep racing, thanks to Tulsa Raceway Park.