Honda Accord idling problem

My 96 Honda Accord EX, with a VTEC engine has this idling thing going on and I am unsure why. It's been doing that over a year or so, and a few months ago the "CHECK ENGINE" light came on. The car was parked in the garage, I had to let it roll out onto the drive way to get better lighting for recording before I started the car. If anyone has any idea of why it is doing it, please let me know in the comment section. Thanks!

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Honda idle problem
My 92 honda accord has been having this problem for a while and it is a real annoyance, if anyone has any suggestions please comment.

Honda accord timing belt noise
UPDATE.-Timing belt has been loosend however noise still remains-------ive had my timing belt replaced and now it seems to be making this strange sort of noise around 1000rpm as you can see, do YOU think this is a serious problem? leave us a comment and tell us what you think

H22 Accord Engine Problem
Engine problem I am having with my H22 Accord. Fixes already done at this point: - New IACV - Ignition Switch Recall - Added more grounds - Checked Distributor Wiring - New Cap and Rotor

97 honda accord idling problem
I've been having idle problems since i bought this car. I've done many things to try and fix it and all its done has decreased how server the problem was. I found and fixed all vacuum leaks, replaced the Fast idle control valve, cleaned the EGR ports, done a full tune up, cleaned the IACV, adjusted the base idle when needed, and even put marvel engine cleaner thing in the gas tank. Anyone with knowledge that could help me leave a comment. I really would like to avoid bringing it to the shop.