Stirling engine R/C model car

this RC model car is powered by A-18-14-D stirling engine heated by small gas torch which combust for about 20 min. the system is provided with typical CVT mechanism and real differential gear.

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Halo Liney 5 Cylinder Radial Working Live Steam Model Engine
Please visit to purchase these videos. Halo Liney 5 Cylinder Radial Working Live Steam Model Engine. This engine is available in plan form or as a kit the includes plans and bar stock to machine the fully functional steam engine.

Stirling Engin E905 Car.MOV

Stirling engine Helicopter
I have a set of drawings received from a fellow modeller because I liked the design. I have made ​​some changes in dimensions, materials, applications and I brought my own ideas into. And believe me, he does not fly Also have a look at

Stirling Engine Powered Canoe
Julian Wood's self-built triple transferator hot-air engine powers his canoe at Thames Traditional Boat Rally. 18th July 2009. Henley on Thames. Transferator engine is made from stainless steel food storage jars. Heat is supplied to engine from propane gas burner located below the hot-caps. One of two Stirling and hot-air engine powered boats taking part at the 32nd Thames Traditional Boat Rally, 2009.