Mustang Week 2011 Burnout contest - Crown Vic blows out the tires

Awesome crowd pleaser Crown Vic at Mustang Week 2011 burnout contest. This one of the crowds favorite cars this year and came in 2nd place in the burnout contest. Has trac-lok and manual transmission behind a 2v 4.6.

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Mustang Week 2011 Burnout Contest (Part 3 of 3)

15 Août en acadie "Crown Vic" Burnout
Show de boucane au chalet du capitaine 2012 "Crown Victoria"

Burnout Contest winner announced at Mustang Week 2011
Mustang Week burnout contest contestants leave after winner is announced. Myrtle beach speedway.

Crown Vic burnout/donuts
2004 crown vic, Posi traction rear end, straight pipe Exhaust, cold air intake