20B FC Flamethrower Auto Club Speedway 01-16-2010

FC with 3 Rotor showing off the flamethrower.

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Tuned By Nelson S,Brett 20B RX7 FC3S part 2
rrrDynotuning.com , 20B RX7 , Haltech Platinum Sport 2000, Compturbo CT4/72BB

Cruising in Drew's 600+RWHP 20B FC RX7
Big power, drivability and reliability, you can have it all and more thanks to our extensive R&D and 20+ years of experience. This customer's 20B RX7 makes over 600rwhp and yet it is able to be cruised around the street with ease. The combination of the extra cubes of the big 20B, custom porting, Garrett GTX4202, built C4 auto box along with a carefully matched converter all work together to make for a very responsive and reliable street package. Oh, and did we mention that the 600rwhp was made at just 11psi on 98 octane pump fuel......

RX7 FC Triple Rotor 20B Monster Engine Noise
Another vid previously unreleased of our 20B triple rotor RX7 FC taking on the Shelsley Walsh hillclimb at the Retro Rides Gathering 2014

Nitrous LSx Mazda RX-7 vs E85 Big Turbo EVO on slicks!
EVO HAD CLUTCH ISSUES REMATCH COMING SOON!! OutOfOrder EVO vs DNR Performance LSx RX-7 Shoutout to 3HeadedElephantS for the GoPro Footage! Checkout his channel and subscribe, also watch his badass edit of this same race here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JS4-nv-9Hvg