20B FC Flamethrower Auto Club Speedway 01-16-2010

FC with 3 Rotor showing off the flamethrower.

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RX7 FC Triple Rotor 20B Monster Engine Noise
Another vid previously unreleased of our 20B triple rotor RX7 FC taking on the Shelsley Walsh hillclimb at the Retro Rides Gathering 2014

11,000RPM 20B Triple Rotary RX7 Track Car - FC3S Series 5 - Peripheral Port
20B Rotor powered FC.... Crazy sound. 11,000 RPM rev limited, peripheral port, capable of 12,500 RPM+ however was detuned for engine longevity to have a 11,000 RPM rev limit.

Tuned By Nelson S,Brett 20B RX7 FC3S part 2
rrrDynotuning.com , 20B RX7 , Haltech Platinum Sport 2000, Compturbo CT4/72BB

Tweede start RX7 4-rotor
Tweede start van de RX7 4-rotor Meer details zijn te vinden op: http://www.rx7club.com/build-threads-294/4-rotor-fc-build-974831/