Sidewalk Cops 2

The Sidewalk Cops are on patrol again keeping our public sidewalks safe. In this episode Office Gabe and Officer Micah, in their Dodge Charger and motorcycle police vehicles, pull over a driver of a Power Wheels Ford Mustang for talking on his cell phone and running a stop sign. Follow us on Facebook!

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Sidewalk Cops 1 (Remastered full HD)
This is the original Sidewalk Cops, which we shot primarily to show the Kid Trax Police Dodge Charger in action. But it became a big hit and started a fun series! This one is pretty silly, they definitely get better with each new episode!

Sidewalk Cops "Short" - The Under-Age Drinker
Officer Gabriel continues to keep our sidewalks and public walkways safe in this short Sidewalk Cops episode! Follow Gabe and Garrett on Facebook here: Follow Sidewalk Cops on Facebook here: The cars used in this episode are: Kid Trax Police Dodge Charger: Avigo Mini Cooper: Sidewalk Cops Episodes! Sidewalk Cops 4: Sidewalk Cops 3: Sidewalk Cops 2: Sidewalk Cops 1: Music licensed through APM Music. Thank you for watching the Gabe and Garrett YouTube Channel!

Sidewalk Cops 5 Bloopers and Behind The Scenes!
Here's the behind the scenes and funny bloopers during our filming of Sidewalk Cops 5 - The Fire Starter! We have a lot of fun making these videos and this video takes you between the cuts and how we make these movies! Thank you to Parrot Drones for being a sponsor of this episode, we really appreciate their sponsorship to make this video even better than it would have been! And to Razor USA for providing us a great electric scooter to film some of the action scenes! Follow Gabe and Garrett on social media! Parrot Drones Razor USA More Sidewalk Cops Blooper! Sidewalk Cops 4 Bloopers ! Sidewalk Cops 3 Bloopers Sidewalk Cops 2 Bloopers Sidewalk Cops 1 Bloopers Sidewalk Cops Episodes Sidewalk Cops 5 Sidewalk Cops 4 Sidewalk Cops 3 Sidewalk Cops 2 Sidewalk Cops 1 Thank you so much for watching our Gabe and Garrett Channel!

Sidewalk Cops 4 - Bloopers & Behind-The-Scenes!
The kids are at it again, laughing, chasing bad guys, and having a blast making another Sidewalk Cops episode! Creating these shows is a lot of fun and we hope to bring you many more episodes! Watch as we take you behind the scenes as we shoot The Car Thief and how often the kids get the giggles trying to say simple lines! :)