Sidewalk Cops 2

The Sidewalk Cops are on patrol again keeping our public sidewalks safe. In this episode Office Gabe and Officer Micah, in their Dodge Charger and motorcycle police vehicles, pull over a driver of a Power Wheels Ford Mustang for talking on his cell phone and running a stop sign. Follow us on Facebook!

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Sidewalk Cops 3 - The Litterer
In this episode of Sidewalk Cops, Gabe and Micah track down and capture a chronic litterbug in order to make our public walkways a cleaner and safer place. Subscribe for more Sidewalk Cops episodes! Happy Riding! Follow us on Facebook! Behind The Scenes Sidewalk Cops 3! Sidewalk Cops 5 - The Fire Starter Sidewalk Cops 4 - The Car Thief Thanks for watching The Gabe and Garrett Channel!

Sidewalk Cops Compilation Video - Episodes 3 - 7 (The Litterer - Superman Texting)
Due to popular demand, here is our first Sidewalk Cops compilation video with back to back episodes including Episode 3 - The Litterer, Episode 4 - The Car Thief (Grand Theft Auto), Episode 5 - The Fire Starter (Don't Play With Matches), Episode 6 - The Dine and Dasher, Episode 7 - Superman Texting, and the Short - Underage Drinking! Over 50 minutes of non-stop Sidewalk Cops in action! Follow Gabe and Garrett on social media! FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: Thank you for watching the Gabe and Garrett Channel! Music licensed by APM Music and SmartSound

Sidewalk Cops 5 - The Fire Starter
In this latest episode of Sidewalk Cops we chase an arsonist and a fire starter who found some matches at the park and plays with them. Don't play with matches! They aren't safe! Officer Gabe and Officer Micah track down the suspects who caused a fire at the train playground. They have a backup officer, two fire engines, and a drone to help their efforts! This is our most elaborate episode to date! Thank you for watching the Gabe and Garrett channel! Officer Micah and Fire Chief Asher have their own YouTube channel, you can find it here: Leilani and Elijah have their own channel too, you can follow them here: Follow Gabe and Garrett on social media: Facebook Instagram Twitter More Sidewalk Cops episodes: Sidewalk Cops 3 - The Litterer Sidewalk Cops 4 - The Car Thief We are thankful to Parrot Drones for partially sponsoring this video! Partnering with them allowed us to bring a bigger and more exciting Sidewalk Cops episode to you, we love teaming with them because it fits perfectly with what we do! Music: APM Music

Power Wheels Police 1 - The Ice Cream Man | Kids Cars Kid Trax
DavidsTV T-Shirts | Phone Cases | Mugs Power Wheels Police is our new series about Power Wheels and Kid Trax ride-on vehicles for kids. Jagger and Dylan star in their first episode of Power Wheels Police Episode 1 The Ice Cream Man. In this episode, they use their Dodge charger kids police car to pull over the Ice Cream Man and almost give him a ticket for running a stop sign. The Power Wheels police come to a deal with the Ice Cream Man and everyone is happy! We have lots of kids ride-on motorized vehicles and kids motorcycles that we will show in future episodes! Please Subscribe & Share this Video on Youtube and Social Media! If you have a good idea for an episode please let us know and we will consider making it just for you! Power Wheels Police Episode 2 - Mall Chase - Double Stripe Twins -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Thanks for watching our Channel. We really appreciate the support. Without viewers, we can't make these fun videos. Please don't forget to subscribe and Like our videos! Please share with your friends and family and on social media! Instagram: Facebook: Website: Please watch our new Power Wheels Police Episode 1 - The Ice Cream Man! Episode 2 - Mall Chase Here is a playlist of our popular Halloween Videos: Here is a fun playlist of various family friendly videos: Here is a playlist of our Christmas Store Tours: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- kid trax kids cars sidewalk cops