Lexus IS200 with Android

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Update! Galaxy tablet 2 install for Lexus IS300
I tore down my is300 navi to show how it was done. I did it pretty quick coz I didn't have much memory left in my phone. Just ask me if you ran into any trouble. Thanks.

Navi SWAP Tablet Overmax 7" on Lexus IS 200 MY2000
Tablet 7" Overmax Qualcore 7022 3G on Lexus IS 200 Sposób montażu (PL): znej-nawigacji-vt87479.htm#p551265

IS300 with Video iPod on Navigation
I installed a Pioneer Navigation head unit and replaced the screen inside the stock motorized navigation screen housing with an aftermarket one that I was able to tie in with my video iPod.

Motorized galaxy tablet incar install
Finally finished the tablet install in my car. Check it out!