2006 Chevy Z71 Playing in the mud!

This is me taking my 2006 chevy threw the mud hole out at little moab

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Taking My 2006 Z71 Chevy On the rocks at Little Moab
This is me at Little Moab in my 2006 Z71 Chevy taking it on the rocks.

Z71 slinging mud in 2WD. yeehaw.
Z71 tearing the hole a new one in 2wd. 6" lift, 31" Nitto Terra Grapplers

garen hicks z71 mud hole chevy and the ( workhorse ) with his stock ford. (just having fun)
first time in the mud after lift and 37's with stock drive train. tore up front transfer case and drivers left cv axel. listen to clicking and poping and at the end of vid 4wd breaks and only left with 2wd. i need suggestions on what to do to beef up the front drive train other than gears. any help is appreciated. thanks

Chevy Z71 Mudding