Saturn Sky Turbo Hunting for rice.

Here we are once again hunting for some ricers to race against, but alas there was no show. Unless u can count the old ford Mustang as rice.

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600hp Turbo Saturn Takes on GTR Ferrari & More
This Saturn packed a bigger punch then expected at a couple events over the summer. Who would of expected it to beat a GT-R and be this quick.

Grand Prix GT vs Turbo Saturn Sky
the saturns mods catback ,tune , 20-30 psi Boost the guy said GT has street tires no traction but over powered the saturn by far mods ssm90kit with 3.5 pulley, tune, catback, GT1 cam

Stage 2 GTI vs Evo X vs Saturn Sky
Stage 2 GTI vs Evo X (Unknown Mods) vs Saturn Sky (Bunch of things running under the hood mentioned by the driver, don't know what tho!)

ls2 GTO vs saturn sky turbo
GTO mods are full Exhaust and air intake. SKY is turboed. Created on October 4, 2012 using FlipShare.