Saturn Sky Turbo Hunting for rice.

Here we are once again hunting for some ricers to race against, but alas there was no show. Unless u can count the old ford Mustang as rice.

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Grand Prix GT vs Turbo Saturn Sky
the saturns mods catback ,tune , 20-30 psi Boost the guy said GT has street tires no traction but over powered the saturn by far mods ssm90kit with 3.5 pulley, tune, catback, GT1 cam

Stage 2 GTI vs Evo X vs Saturn Sky
Stage 2 GTI vs Evo X (Unknown Mods) vs Saturn Sky (Bunch of things running under the hood mentioned by the driver, don't know what tho!)

2007 Saturn Sky 500HP ride around the block
Going for a Quick ride around the block in my enhanced +500HP 2.0L Saturn Sky. Its fun just to give it a little gas on a pretty Fall day.Watch the less than 4 second from 15 to 80 mph.

ls2 GTO vs saturn sky turbo
GTO mods are full Exhaust and air intake. SKY is turboed. Created on October 4, 2012 using FlipShare.