Saturn Sky Turbo Hunting for rice.

Here we are once again hunting for some ricers to race against, but alas there was no show. Unless u can count the old ford Mustang as rice.

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Rice Hunting
Look at this fresh ass Saturn we found. It was too good to pass up, we had to make a video.

Turbo Saturn Startup and Rev
Just a quick rundown of the 1998 White Hot turbo Saturn. Forgot to mention also has a fully ported head, intake manifold and throttle from

Saturn Sky Stage II Hahn turbo kit
Saturn Sky Stage II Hahn turbo kit

ricer hunt (finding my prey)
i found a ricer nest so of course i had to drive through the middle of them they just stared as if they were trying to figure out what that throaty rumble was its a v8 you stupid ricer