Melvin's 1974 Nova with Bigblock, roll cage and ready to race

The famous Melvin of Ypsilanti and his once "Fastest car in Ypsilanti" until a local builder brought out the v8 Fiat. While the controversy continues over who owns the fastest car in Ypsilanti you can judge or yourself if Mevlin's Nova has what it takes. Shown here in Depot Town's weekly car show in 2011 MR Melvin is very evasive about what is under the hood but ask any of the OG Riders and they will tell you it is a bunch of junk yard parts. The interviewer is OG Rider's President, Rocky. The video tour series is sponsored by website construction.

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HUGE WHEELIE! 1/8th mile long STREET CAR Wheelie!!!
Rob, aka: Novaracer2000's 1974 Chevrolet Nova Street car! This was and still is the nicest wheelie I have ever seen in person! The fact that nothing was damaged after this pass goes to show his driving skill! The car has been a best of 9.13 in the 1/4, and see's a lot of street miles!

1970 and 1974 Nova SS Pro Streets
Chevrolet Nova Muscle Pro Street

Roy's 1969 Chevrolet Nova
This is my Red with Black racing Stripes 1969 Chevy Nova. Small Block 350 bored out to 355. Holley 750 Double Pumper bored out to 880. 562 Cam Lift. 456 Gears. Hhigh tourqe mini starter. Straight pipes. Headers. Racing Seats. Removed backseat replaced with custom stereo. Roll cage. 50R15 on the rear.

dons nova