What happened to Cyber Evo at WTAC 2012?

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WTAC 2012- 7tune Event Feature Video
7tune find the stories and share the action from World Time Attack 2012; the biggest time attack event yet. Video by Benjamin Sale, made in collaboration with Autocult & Other Side Productions. Video supported by Federal Tyres, V-Sport & Martini Racing

Yokohama World Time Attack - Cyber Evo Winning Lap
With all of the hype over how Cyber won WTA, we thought we'd give you a brief look into how they did it.

Cyber Evo 2012 WTAC Project 1 ★サイバーエボ★
More Information Cyber Engineering facebook site http://www.facebook.com/CyberEngineering

World Time Attack V-Sport Evo X
2 Litre V-Sport Evo X at the World Time Attack Challenge in 2012, driven by Rick Bates. Modified with Brembo, Hawk, APRacing, Sabelt, RaceTech, MoteC ECU.