G-man's 89 civic 4dr e-brake testing

Just got the e-brake extender welded on and when for a 180. lol GGM//http://www.facebook.com/GavinGardenerMotorworks

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G-man's 89 civic 4dr highway pass [old 4]
A friend wanted to go on a shotgun pass... fuk! that shit use to be loud. GGM:http://www.facebook.com/GavinGardenerMotorworks

G-man's 89 civic 4drupdate [old 3]
This is an update on the never ending changes to the car. GGM//http://www.facebook.com/GavinGardenerMotorworks

#RAINBOWCIVIC(kanjo style) 89 Civic Sedan CRX4DR
This is a tribute for all the fans of the CRX4DR when it was in the hot and cold theme a.k.a. #rainbowcivic r.i.p. 2012-2013 music: HEARTS OF BRAIN "Time Iz Money (Featuring Critical & Tamara Bernard)"

TEST DRIVE: Honda Civic EK K20A vs. Built B18 EF Hatch (my son's review pt.1)
PT.3/4 I went down to FL for 2015 Christmas holidays to see my family and friends. While there I hang out with Johann(stock k20a) and Cameron(built b18) and took both hatches for a test drive with my son reviewing it.