Hamad ISF vs Fahad Corvette C6

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2008 IS-F vs 2014 C7 Corvette
2008 Lexus IS-F mods are below. Unknown mods on the C7 if any. SIKKY headers BORLA Exhaust PC680 Battery 245/40/18 MT Street ET tires 18" TRMotorsports C2 wheels

525hp+ Turbo Infiniti G35 vs. 510hp C6 Corvette
Top Dawg Racing Event Hendersonville, NC Hendersonville Airstrip May 20th 2010 forged performance

TX2K13 ISF vs Corvette vs SRT 4
Riding in my friends srt4 heading towards tx2k13 night meet we spot some action a Lexus IsF A corvette and awesome footage!

C5 Corvette VS Lexus ISF
corvette uses 150shot vs supra only lexus has hks Exhaust