Yamaha FZR exhaust

Yamaha FZR sounding it's super loud Exhaust and the hks blow off valve

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Yamaha FZR Riva Thru Hull system Riva HKS BOV
Yamaha FZR Riva Thru Hull system, Riva HKS BOV, Riva Power filter

julio's WaterBox
This is a full RIVA STAGE III kit plus 1000CC injectors, three bar map sensor and a 15 horse power gain WATER BOX on Julio's YAMAHA FZS ... This was the first fire-up after installing the injectors, map sensor and ECU calibrations.

RIVA FZ & FX SVHO/SHO Performace Blow-Off Valve Kit
Our Performance Blow-off Valve Kit improves Supercharger reliability and performance by relieving unwanted pressure during off-throttle operation. Reduces Supercharger clutch & gear wear and eliminates heat soak in discharge tube. High-strength silicone hose with integrated HKS valve installs easily in place of OEM elbow joint. Includes high quality HKS Super SQV (Super Sequential Blow-off Valve) that features unique sequential valve structure and a differential pressure control system, allowing for a broad operation Boost range. Also includes vacuum line and fittings necessary for installation on SVHO & SHO engines. A simple and cost effective upgrade for both stock and modified engines. The Blow-Off Valve Kit helps reduce stress on Supercharger clutch and drive gear. This promotes longer clutch life and increased reliability. Click here to view this product on our website: http://rivaracing.com/i-17283803-riva-fz-fx-svho-sho-performance-blow-off-v alve-kit.html

FZR with Riva Exhaust and Riva Waterbox