1996 Saturn SL1 Automatic Burnout

1996 Saturn SL1 Automatic Burnout

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2001 Automatic v6 Mustang burnout part 1
So my friend has a stock auto v6 Mustang and after taking out the abs fuse it does some sweet burnouts part 2 is better

turbo saturn vs. supra
4-door turbo saturn vs. supra

00-02 Saturn SL2 radio Install (After Trim Removal)
Continuation from this video. http://youtu.be/aTZuTfFpsOg This is the removal of the factory radio and replacement with an aftermarket one. Disclaimer: I am not a licensed mechanic and the knowledge I have is purely from research into different problems I have been trying to resolve. As this is a major procedure for this vehicle, I will not be responsible for any damage or other mishaps that might occur should you decide to pursue the repair after viewing this video. This video is intended to be for informational purposes only.

Saturn Sky and Saleen mustang Burnout take off