Dodge Ram 1500 with K&N Aircharger

2006 Dodge ram with K&N aircharger, air intake system

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Dodge Ram 1500 with K&N Aircharger
My 2006 Dodge Ram all factory except K&N Intake system

Dodge Ram 1500 test
Complete field test (with boat in tow) of Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab

TRUCK TUG-O-WAR: Dodge Ram 1500 VS Toyota Tundra
TRUCK TUG-O-WAR: Both trucks brand new -- Dodge is 2 weeks off the lot, and the Tundra was less than 24hrs off the lot. 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 VS 2014 Toyota Tundra: DODGE // 390HP, tq @4000RPM TOYOTA // 380HP, 401 tq @3600RPM

Dodge Ram 1500 Open Header Driving
Idling in the driveway, and going a few blocks. Tach does not work great, have to whack the dash for it to come on. Quite redneck but it does the trick!