Scott's mid Ford Econoline custom van: Visions at Lost Memorial Greenwhich N.Y

Scott's mid Ford Econoline custom van : Visions First big outing for this amazing custom mid Ford van at Lost on the Beach 2008 Greenwich N.Y

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Description This is a Jam Handy / Chevy filmstrip comparing the Corvair 95 vans and pickups to the Ford Econoline and the VW Volkswagen vans . It is titled : The Right Price" Of course it is Chevrolet biased. It is dated 1960 but is about the 61s

1973 Ford Econoline custom van E-100
my Custom 1973 ford econoline E-100 custom

Gearhead Flicks Custom Early Econoline Van
Gearhead Flicks Custom Early Econoline Van with 55" LED TV & entertainment system. Full Build Story - PAINT & BODY Adrenaline OffRoad & Customs in Tomball, Texas Bruce Glanville and his crew modified and customized a number of things on this van. The axles were flipped over the leaf springs to give it a lowered stance. Bumpers from a 70's split bumper Camaro replaced the original bumper requiring them to modify the grill where the original bumper brackets protruded. Headlights were updated to led split high and lows as well as led Pontiac classic taillights. New clear signal lenses, front disc brakes, side Exhaust, 1964 Mustang seats and American Racing Smoothies provided by Wheel Dealer. The whole interior was coated by TOFF Custom spray-on liners and Destin Media blasting took the entire van to bare metal and top top it all off Power House Custom Cycles added some killer flames on the sides. Adrenaline Offroad & Customs really pulled it off and we at Gearhead Flicks are excited to show it off! (281) 516-7900 INTERIOR ENTERTAINMENT Innovative Rides in Houston, Texas. Aaron Davis added his famous touch of style to update the normal panels into modern sleek works of art showcasing a 55" LED smart tv and Rockford Fosgate amp and speakers. There will be more to come including center console, kick panels and sub bass enclosure. Toff Custom Spray-On Liners Wheel Dealers Destin Media Blasting Power House Custom Cycles 9?sk=info VIDEO PRODUCED BY Gearhead Flicks Website Facebook Twitter SONG BY Band of Horses - Funeral

Converted van as full-time home for nomadic Canadian couple
Mat and Danielle spent their first date bonding over Lloyd Kahn’s book “Home Work” and discussing their ideas for simplifying their lives. They became a couple, but “somewhere along the way, we ended up doing the exact opposite of what we wanted,” explains Danielle on their blog. “Instead of simplifying, we bought a house and spent months hauling furniture, paint and knick knacks into it to surround ourselves with stuff that we liked.  Our bills went up so we got better jobs, started working more, and eventually all we did was work during the day and watch Netflix every night because we were too Exhausted to do anything else.” “Mat was the first to suggest making a change because he found our lifestyle stressful, but I resisted at first.  I was really caught up in the idea of owning my own place, maybe starting a family one day and planning for an amazing retirement.  I was also excited that I had a new full time job with benefits and that we were financially stable.  Eventually I realized that all I was doing was working and I didn’t even like my job anymore.  We decided that we should do something crazy: sell our house, quit our jobs and travel the world.” Today, Mat and Danielle are living full-time in a converted van. Their back seat folds down into a bed. Their kitchen is a cooler plus camping stove. Their bathroom includes a solar camping shower and a plastic bottle toilet (with funnel). They’ve eliminated a mortgage, but their are still costs, what Mat calls “like renting a really cheap apartment in a city”. Instead of paying down a house, Mat and Danielle have decided to focus on working less and experiencing more, both by exploring the world and their artistic interests: for Mat, it’s music and art and for Danielle it’s writing. Mat and Danielle on youtube: Their blog: Mat’s art: Original story: madic-canadian-couple/