Red Dragon on 22lbs

370ci lsx with x 275 88mm turbo. Est hp on 22lbs 1100+

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Red dragon on 22lbs part 2
370ci ls with x275 88mm

1300hp TT Silverado - The RED DRAGON!
As seen on Discovery’s Street Outlaws - This fire-breathing, twin-turbo MONSTER has been in front of our cameras for several years now, and we have loved seeing the build progress and over time. Unfortunately, we’ve been waiting for the truck to run an 8.50 or better in the 1/4 before we can get an interview, so the details are somewhat secretive at the moment! There’s no doubt in our minds that we will see that in 2016 though - so stay tuned! —————————————————— Subscribe ► 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► 1320Video ► Twitter ►

Justune Red Dragon Silverado vs. Lil John Supra
Looked like we were gonna have a race on our hands, the Supra was having some issues past the 660 Gateway International in St. L First track day with the new setup. The track wasn't hooking very well for anyone for the first 50' or so, but we were making the best of it. Still a lot of room for improvement on the 60' times and a lot more power to pour to it on the big end.

1500HP LSX Chevy Truck lays down the law @ SCT KC
Red Dragon was it's name they said...... We couldn't help but to agree that this fire breathing ego crushing beast is definitely a dragon! Such a simple build with results you can't argue with! Twin turbo LS Truck FTW! Give the vid a like and subscribe! Also follow us on Facebook