Model Cars: 1986 Lincoln Town Car Demolition Derby Car

Model car built by Robert Lindeman and shown at the 2011 Attack of the Plastic in Delavan, Wisconsin.

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I Guarantee this will be one of the most memorable videos you watch today. Insanely smooth stop motion demolition derby action featuring 1/64 scale diecast cars from such manufacturers as Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Greenlight, M2, AutoWorld, and more! These tinfoil painted custom cars smash up in a 2 minute long demolition derby just like the real cars you see at your local fairs and shows! Check out the realism of the scenery, a super realistic HO scale diorama with all the features, except railway track! I only make videos like this one once in a while as they do take a lot of time and money to do, so enjoy this one until I can get another one served up!

Derby Aftermath 81 Lincoln, Greenville, OH 2010
Ran the car on August 28th at the Darke County Fair Demo Derby 2010. It was in the stock class. Had a blast! Once again this car proved to do great for me. Finished 6th place. This is a video of demolition derby. Everything is under a safety controlled environment and nobody is in any harm or danger. This video follows ALL of the youtube guidelines and contains no misleading information, dangerous content, foul language, or injury to people. I own a videography business and film this as my profession. Any problems or issues can be taken up with our business at