Nyce1s Crash - El Nachi Crash @ Pan American Nationals 2011!!!

Here is a look back at El Nachi's Car crash during the 2011 Atco Pan American Nationals event at Atco Raceway!! Checkout for more videos!!!

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Jet Funny Car Drag Racing Crash.avi
Roger Gustin 1992 Atco Raceway New Jersey

El Nachi 4.83@140mph Aniversario 2011
Arecibo Motorsport 30 de abril de 2011.

Mazda RX-7 Desiree Racing Crash @ Panamerican Nationals @ Atco Raceway
Panamerican Nationals @ Atco Raceway

Pepe Loco Racing 6.53 @ 209 mph
Pepe Loco Racing setting a new personnal best of 6.53 @ 209 mph. This was only the first pass with the new turbo set-up. Video by