RSX Turbo & Trans Am

On the way to TX2K11 I caught up with a Trans Am for some friendly pulls.

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Turbo RSX Vs V6 6 speed TRD Tacoma
PorterP's turbo RSX just fooling around after breakfast one morning!!!!

Turbo RSX-S vs Z28 LS1 Camaro
RSX-S w/ custom turbo kit with Precision 6265. 305whp 220tq @ 9psi "street tune". Z28 Camaro w/ bolt ons, mildly built, and Nitrous. (The owner claimed wasn't working)

built RSX turbo vs h22 turbo teg vs 2011 5.0
rsx is on pump gas, untuned, and LOW Boost integra had clutch problems. 5.0 is all motor

ls1 vs rsx
couldnt get one from NBMk so we had to find somebody else