RSX Turbo & Trans Am

On the way to TX2K11 I caught up with a Trans Am for some friendly pulls.

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Turbo RSX Vs V6 6 speed TRD Tacoma
PorterP's turbo RSX just fooling around after breakfast one morning!!!!

Turbo RSX-S vs Z28 LS1 Camaro
RSX-S w/ custom turbo kit with Precision 6265. 305whp 220tq @ 9psi "street tune". Z28 Camaro w/ bolt ons, mildly built, and Nitrous. (The owner claimed wasn't working)

Boosting in the turbo RSX
PorterP driving around the neighborhood. Peak Boost kit 477whp @16psi

RSX Turbo vs SRT8 Challenger.mpg
On the way to TX2K11 I found a few people to run.. one being a SRT8. 60roll..