RSX Turbo & Trans Am

On the way to TX2K11 I caught up with a Trans Am for some friendly pulls.

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JohnVons bike with Termin8er driving.mpg
This is JohnVons bike being driven by Termin8er at TX2K11. The information was given via intercom at the track so I don't know if it's valid. Who says too much traction can't be bad?

Turbo RSX-S vs Z28 LS1 Camaro
RSX-S w/ custom turbo kit with Precision 6265. 305whp 220tq @ 9psi "street tune". Z28 Camaro w/ bolt ons, mildly built, and Nitrous. (The owner claimed wasn't working)

My 02 NHBP DC5 Honda RSX Tribute
Here is a quick mock-up of my RSX-S journey. Bought this car wrecked and beat up on all possible levels. Put countless hours and money into bringing her to this stage. Love driving her daily.

My progress continues