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MGB Double Declutching

My 1977 MGB is a great car for learning how to heel and toe double declutch when downshifting just like the race car drivers of yesterday. A smooth heel and toe downshift is an art form and really helps on the twisty bits where balance and control are helpful


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MGB Movie

Wheeler Dealers MGB GT Part 1.avi

Continental's New CD300 Diesel
At AirVenture 2014, Continental Motors introduced its latest diesel powerplant, the CD300. Rhett Ross told AVweb how the company intends to manufacture and market the new engine.

Demostraciones Punta - Tacón y Doble Embrague / Heel & Toe and Double Clutch demostrations
Recopilatorio de demostraciones de las mismas técnicas en diferentes vehículos. Vehículos de distintos años, segmentos, características, pesos, prestaciones ..... Cada vez con un calzado diferente, simplemente para demostrar que el tener unas Puma o unas Alpine Stars no implica ser mejor conductor. El vídeo está realizado a modo didáctico para todas aquellas personas a las que el Doble Embrague y el Punta - Tacón les suena a chino. A algunos de los habituales les costará reconocerme al no ver directamente los calcetos de competición, jejeje! He de agradecer a Danthrax el filtrado de los sonidos. ;) Espero que os guste y que sobre todo la gente que descubre estas técnicas por primera vez tenga muy en cuenta la petición que realizo al principio del video. POR FAVOR NO INTENTE IMITARLO, REALIZAR ESTAS TÉCNICAS REQUIERE EXPERIENCIA, UNA MALA EJECUCIÓN PUEDE HACERLE PERDER EL CONTROL DEL VEHÍCULO.

Spitfire TR Mk IX, MH367 at Ardmore Aerodrome
Ardmore based two seat Spitfire TR Mk IX, MH367 (ZK WDQ). More details and flights available at Warbird Adventure Rides http://www.warbird.co.nz/ Voice over by John Sweetman john@sweeto.com Music by Grégoire Lourme "Armistice" Cinematic Volume 5. Drama Soundtracks. http://www.gregoirelourme.com/ -- Copyright © 2014 Blue 2 Aero Images (A Media Partner of Historical Aviation Film Unit, http://www.aviationfilm.com) This video material may not be reproduced in any form (except as an embedded video on any other website), without the written permission of Blue 2 Aero Images.

AOPA's Yellowbird 150/152 Refurbs
At AirVenture 2014 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, AOPA showed off its new refurbished Cessna 150/152s for the training market. AVweb talks to AOPA's Mark Baker about the new project.

Flying Bulls B-25J Mitchell Bomber
With its cool retro look, the gleaming silver Mitchell is a very special highlight, even in the Flying Bulls valuable collection. Built in Kansas City in 1945, it shared the good fortune of the Corsair in never having to fly off to war. Instead it was used as an electronic test platform. Later it was flown to Arizonaís Davis Air Force Base, an aircraft cemetery, to be mothballed. Apparently it was well treated there, because in the 1970s a fire-fighting firm purchased the aircraft in order to put it to work putting out fires from the air. However, it was never put to that use. And now the aircraft enthusiasts enter the picture: in the 1980s a flying club in Kansas City bought the Mitchell, re-christening it the Fairfax Ghost. The club continue to fly the plane until 1994, when it was discovered and, after some discussion, purchased by Sigi Angerer, later to become the Flying Bulls’ chief pilot. The collection, after all, already included the Corsair, the T-28B and the Grumman Widgeon, and a B-25 would be at least Temporarily a new highlight. But first there was lots of work to be done, because the Mitchell was not at all in good shape. First it got a complete overhaul in the US: it was restored and converted into a civilian version with a comfortable interior. By September 1997 the work had been completed to the point that the Mitchell was ready to undertake the flight to Europe across the North Atlantic. At the beginning of 2001, the aircraft was moved to Salzburg Airport. Now the Mitchell cuts a good figure, whether serving as a photographic model at Hangar 7 or taking part in one of the many great air shows in which it flies Sony HDR-FX7e Camcorder Rode SVM Microphone Video and Audio content is Copyright © 2014 Malcolm Auld This video and audio material may not be reproduced in any form (except as the videos You tube embedded video option on any other website), without written permission.

What happens in the transmission when you double clutch / Heel Toe Downshift???
Trying to do everything in one take is nerve racking, as it's nearly impossible to do perfectly. Minor corrections: I said the clutch pedal and throw out bearing are not wear items, I meant not high wear items, compared to the clutch disk. Also, when I mention buying a cheap car to practice, I mean if you own a manual transmission track car that is not your daily driver. Finally, I didn't talk about the syncros. You can do this with one clutch pedal action, but you make the syncros speed up the intermediate shaft. When you double clutch, you bring the intermediate shaft up to speed with the clutch disc, which has more capacity to do so than the synchros. Minor point, but you will see prolonged synchro life when you double clutch. Also, it is not the mass of the servo or engine but the power created by electricity of gasoline that is responsible, but the mass is responsible for the inertia.

Conduire... Piloter - Double débrayage & talon-pointe
Extrait de la VHS 'Conduire... Piloter ?' (1988) de Jean-Michel Fabre, abordant le sujet du double débrayage et du talon-pointe.

Heel / Toe / Double De-Clutch Shifting
My attempt at it inside a Clio 172 Cup

MVP Aero Light Sport Amphibian
The newly announced two-seat MVP Aero was the big news as AirVenture 2014 opened in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Although it's still in development, the aircraft could fly in as little as 18 months and serve double duty as a camper. In this video, AVweb takes a closer look at the proposed design.

1968 MGB Roadster Test Drive in Sonoma Wine Country
Visit http://www.leftcoastclassics.com/1968-mgb-roadster/ to see this 1968 MGB Roadster for sale from Left Coast Classics in Sonoma California. Solid 1968 MGB Roadster for sale, just one owner until a year ago. Owned from new by a couple in the Bay area until purchased by my client earlier this year. The original owner worked at an MG dealership. It was his wife's car and only used for local drives in their home town. The car starts; runs and drives beautifully with smooth shifting, tight suspension, excellent brakes and clean running quiet motor with plenty of oil pressure. Truly amazing to find such an original gem. Incredibly original and unaltered, right down to the emissions equipment on the engine. Lovingly cared for. The only modifications are period speakers installed in the rear bulkhead and an electric cooling fan added to the radiator. Drives with a tightness and originality that you don't find on restored cars. Has had one repaint of it's original primrose on a razor straight, absolute rust-free body. The wheels still bear the factory paint and car has a vintage Amco convertible top. Frame bag is included. Nice chrome, trim, glass and even the original leather in beautiful condition. Also includes both original issue black license plates. Take a look at all the details as well as full photo gallery at the link above and then give me a call with your best offer. Donn Dabney 707-332-8331 Thanks for watching this 1968 MGA test drive video - please leave a nice big thumbs up and a Like! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcz4ttT0LXk

AVweb Looks at the Sonex JSX Microjet
At AirVenture 2014, AVweb's editorial team took a video tour of Sonex Aircraft's new JSX microjet. The company's John Monnett gave us an inside look at the jet's construction and performance.

AirVenture 2014 Preview
AirVenture 2014 looks to be a fun, exciting show. For AVweb's initial coverage, Russ Niles and Paul Bertorelli took a golf cart tour of what's coming up.

Grumman Hellcat F6F
The Grumman F6F Hellcat design was greatly influenced by feedback from squadrons flying her direct ancestor, the F4F Wildcat, in the Pacific Theatre as well as input from studying European Theatre air combat reports. The Hellcat was ordered by the US Navy in June 1941, and less than a year later the prototype XF6F-1 flew. During prototype flight trials it was realised that a more powerful engine would give the Hellcat an edge in combat and so she was mated with a 2000hp Pratt & Whitney R2800-10 and subsequently re-designated the F6F-3. It was in this guise that she made her combat début in August 1943. The Hellcat must be considered one of the best carrier-borne aircraft of all time, with out standing performance at any altitude. The type made its presence known by accounting for 75% of all US Naval aerial victories securing air supremacy across the Pacific Theatre. The Hellcat also holds the distinction of destroying more enemy aircraft, over 5000, than any other Allied aircraft. In addition to her US Naval service, the Hellcat also served with the US Marine Corps in the Pacific and with the British Fleet Air Arm in Europe where she was initially known as the Grumman Gannet Mk.I before reverting back to her American name in early 1943. The Fighter Collection’s Hellcat is the only example flying outside of America and is presented in the colours of US Navy Ace Lt Alex Vraciu who flew this particular aircraft. Vraciu finished the war as the US Navy’s fourth highest ace with 19 aerial victories, 9 of which whilst flying this particular aircraft when assigned to Navy Squadron VF-6 aboard USS Intrepid (CV-11). Our Hellcat was built in late 1943 and issued directly to VF-6 where she amounted 115.7 flying hours before being transferred to the newly-formed VF-18 which was undergoing pre-deployment work-up sat Hilo in the Hawaiian Islands. A further 200 hours were clocked up with VF-18 being flown by anumber of pilots who went on to become Aces, before being transferred to the Naval Air Technical Training College (NATTC) in Chicago during August 1944. It was whilst she was at the NATTC that she was re-united with Alex Vraciu during a War Bond fund raising tour of the Mid-West. Following a major rally in Chicago, she was left on show at a naval base in the city until being struck off charge when the NATTC closed. The Chicago vocational training school duly opened in its place and our Hellcat continued to serve as a training aid for the next 20 years. The Hellcat was then acquired by collector Earl Rienhart and displayed as part of his Victory Air Museum outside at an airstrip in Mundelein, Illinois. In 1979 she passed to Ed Maloney and was moved to the Planes of Fame collection in California, where she was stored until around 1983 when she moved into the ownership of Tom Friedkin to assist in the rebuild of his own Hellcat which suffered serious damage as a result of a forced landing following an engine failure in April 1979. The restoration incorporated the port wing from the crashed example and an unused, crated starboard wing along with the fuselage from our Hellcat, but used the identity of the Friedkin’s machine (F6F-5K Bu No 80141) for convenience. Before the rebuild could be completed she passed to the Yankee Air Corps at Chino, California. In 1988 the incomplete Hellcat became part of The Fighter Collection when Fighter Re-builders, also at Chino, were commissioned to continue the rebuild following which she was shipped to the UK where she arrived in August 1990. The Fighter Collection contacted Alex Vraciu, who confirmed its war record, provided details of her colour scheme and even lent owner, Stephen Grey, his original flying gloves for his first flight in the recently completed Hellcat. Alex was even able to reacquaint himself with his old mount when he travelled to Duxford. Since her arrival our Hellcat has been a popular performer appearing at many airshows across Europe demonstrating the type’s amazing performance which made such an impact across the Pacific Theatre during World War Two. Sony HDR-FX7e Camcorder Rode SVM Microphone Video and Audio content is Copyright © 2014 Malcolm Auld This video and audio material may not be reproduced in any form (except as the videos You tube embedded video option on any other website), without written permission.

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