MGB Double Declutching

My 1977 MGB is a great car for learning how to heel and toe double declutch when downshifting just like the race car drivers of yesterday. A smooth heel and toe downshift is an art form and really helps on the twisty bits where balance and control are helpful

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Double clutch transmission (hộp số ly hợp kép)
this is a video about transmission of sport car with 7 speeds.The video has just used software solidwork animation for is including assembly parts and describle motion mode process with detail change speed.(subtilte Vietnamese).

How to Double Clutch in a Manual
How to double clutch! I made this video in my Audi TT Quattro. Ig: FB: d=true G+

Double Clutching & Heel Toe with G25
Video difficult to realize in a real car (hand position on gearbox stick + feet on pedals synchro) Wheel is Logitech G25: I made Break pedal thicker because pedal aren't in the same plane. Game used for the demo is rFactor. Seat from

What happens in the transmission when you double clutch / Heel Toe Downshift???
Trying to do everything in one take is nerve racking, as it's nearly impossible to do perfectly. Minor corrections: I said the clutch pedal and throw out bearing are not wear items, I meant not high wear items, compared to the clutch disk. Also, when I mention buying a cheap car to practice, I mean if you own a manual transmission track car that is not your daily driver. Finally, I didn't talk about the syncros. You can do this with one clutch pedal action, but you make the syncros speed up the intermediate shaft. When you double clutch, you bring the intermediate shaft up to speed with the clutch disc, which has more capacity to do so than the synchros. Minor point, but you will see prolonged synchro life when you double clutch. Also, it is not the mass of the servo or engine but the power created by electricity of gasoline that is responsible, but the mass is responsible for the inertia.