MGB Double Declutching

My 1977 MGB is a great car for learning how to heel and toe double declutch when downshifting just like the race car drivers of yesterday. A smooth heel and toe downshift is an art form and really helps on the twisty bits where balance and control are helpful

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Granny Shifting, Not Double Clutching Like You Should - How to Double Clutch
In this video, I show you how to double clutch in a manual car. I’m using my Honda Accord Coupe for the video with a 5 speed manual transmission. It the same process for any manual car. Double clutching is a method of shifting gears used primarily for vehicles with an unsynchronized manual transmission, such as commercial trucks and specialty vehicles. The same action can be done on vehicles with synchronized gears should you have a bad synchro, or just want to not put much pressure on the synchros. Basics of Driving Manual ▶︎ How to Hill-Start ▶︎ How to Heel Toe Downshift ▶︎ Thanks for giving her a watch!! Cheers ______________________________________________________________ Please give it a like and follow :) milmast Instagram ▶︎ SickDips Instagram ▶︎ milanmastracci Facebook Page ▶︎

What Is Double Clutching?
What is double clutching? Why should you double clutch? How does double clutching work? Is double clutching necessary? Double clutching is useful for transmissions which do not have synchronizers. It is not necessary if a car has synchronizers. The driving technique of double clutching is applicable to manual transmissions. 5 Bad Manual Transmission Habits - Rev Matching - And don't forget to check out my other pages below! Facebook: Official Website: Twitter: Instagram: Car Throttle: EE Extra: To help create more videos, check out my Patreon page! NEW VIDEO EVERY WEDNESDAY!

How to Heel-Toe and Double Clutch Downshift (with detailed description)
Today I show you how to rev match, heel and toe and double clutch downshift. This tutorial deals with all skill levels, from beginner to expert, and goes into the details of why you should double clutch and heel and toe, as well as showing you how to actually do it. All this was filmed in my manual GT86 / FRS / BRZ. Key concepts covered: -Rev matching and why you should do it -Heel toe downshifting and why you should do it -Fundamentals of double clutching -More advanced double clutch techniques -The double clutch heel and toe downshift Facebook: Patreon: Instagram: Race car consulting: G+: Youtube:

Ayrton Senna's Heel-and-toe
Legendary Ayrton Senna's Driving Technique