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MGB Double Declutching

My 1977 MGB is a great car for learning how to heel and toe double declutch when downshifting just like the race car drivers of yesterday. A smooth heel and toe downshift is an art form and really helps on the twisty bits where balance and control are helpful


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MGB Movie

1977 MG MGB V8 Roadster
SOLD! Offered for sale by St. Louis Car Museum & Sales. For this vehicle and others, please visit http://www.stlouiscarmuseum.com or call (800) 957-5707

How to heel-toe double clutch downshift in a classic MG sports car
Old British cars often have worn transmissions and with these techniques you can make them downshift with ease. Learning to double clutch while downshifting can dramatically reduce wear to an old tranmission and it's fun! You can see our cars for sale at Bugeyeguy.com

How to double clutch and some transmission tidbits
hope this answers all your questions

What happens in the transmission when you double clutch / Heel Toe Downshift???
Trying to do everything in one take is nerve racking, as it's nearly impossible to do perfectly. Minor corrections: I said the clutch pedal and throw out bearing are not wear items, I meant not high wear items, compared to the clutch disk. Also, when I mention buying a cheap car to practice, I mean if you own a manual transmission track car that is not your daily driver. Finally, I didn't talk about the syncros. You can do this with one clutch pedal action, but you make the syncros speed up the intermediate shaft. When you double clutch, you bring the intermediate shaft up to speed with the clutch disc, which has more capacity to do so than the synchros. Minor point, but you will see prolonged synchro life when you double clutch. Also, it is not the mass of the servo or engine but the power created by electricity of gasoline that is responsible, but the mass is responsible for the inertia.

1968 MGB Roadster Test Drive in Sonoma Wine Country
Visit http://www.leftcoastclassics.com/1968-mgb-roadster/ to see this 1968 MGB Roadster for sale from Left Coast Classics in Sonoma California. Solid 1968 MGB Roadster for sale, just one owner until a year ago. Owned from new by a couple in the Bay area until purchased by my client earlier this year. The original owner worked at an MG dealership. It was his wife's car and only used for local drives in their home town. The car starts; runs and drives beautifully with smooth shifting, tight suspension, excellent brakes and clean running quiet motor with plenty of oil pressure. Truly amazing to find such an original gem. Incredibly original and unaltered, right down to the emissions equipment on the engine. Lovingly cared for. The only modifications are period speakers installed in the rear bulkhead and an electric cooling fan added to the radiator. Drives with a tightness and originality that you don't find on restored cars. Has had one repaint of it's original primrose on a razor straight, absolute rust-free body. The wheels still bear the factory paint and car has a vintage Amco convertible top. Frame bag is included. Nice chrome, trim, glass and even the original leather in beautiful condition. Also includes both original issue black license plates. Take a look at all the details as well as full photo gallery at the link above and then give me a call with your best offer. Donn Dabney 707-332-8331 Thanks for watching this 1968 MGA test drive video - please leave a nice big thumbs up and a Like! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcz4ttT0LXk

Learn About Transmission Synchro Rings
Learn how transmission synchro rings work. Paul Cangialosi from 5speeds.com discusses the function of synchro rings typically used in Muncie, T10, T5, and T56 transmissions.

147 MG Carburetter Tuning

How to double clutch downshift in classic sports cars using heel-toe technique
In this video, I demonstrate double clutch downshifting to for smooth downshifting in classic cars. At bugeyeguy.com, we specialize in old British sports cars and many of them have worn transmissions that can be hard to downshift. By double clutching, smooth downshifts are easy, even with a transmission with worn synchros. Here, I'm driving a 1963 Morris Minor Traveler with a 5 Speed Datsun 210 transmission, a popular upgrade.

Conduire... Piloter - Double d├ębrayage & talon-pointe
Extrait de la VHS 'Conduire... Piloter ?' (1988) de Jean-Michel Fabre, abordant le sujet du double d├ębrayage et du talon-pointe.

Heel / Toe / Double De-Clutch Shifting
My attempt at it inside a Clio 172 Cup

Old Top Gear Quentin Willson MGB buying guide
Old Top Gear Quentin Willson MGB buying guide

Custom Performance MGB GT V8 - Road Test
Chris Goffey takes a look at a custom built, performance MGB, GT V8, and has the privilege to take this unique car for a road test. The MGB sports a 4.6 litre Rover V8 engine, producing 265bhp and Chris will be using every one of those ponies, as he puts the performance and handling to the test.

Drive in a MGB
A guy drives his 1978 MGB roadster through the countryside on a cold day.

Atkinson 1971 Silver Knight lorry. mp4
This is a 1971 Atkinson 'Silver Knight' timber crane. It spent most of it's working life as a tractor unit pulling trailers loaded with bricks and pre cast concrete buildings for it's original owner based at Aylesbury Buckinghamshire U.K. It has covered a considerable mileage with no reported breakdowns.The design dates back to the 1930's with a cab frame constructed of angled steel and timber. Early cabs were faced with 'tin' sheet but this was changed in the 1960's to the new fangled fibreglass. No air sprung seat in this cab and a young lorry driver of today may complain of the lack of power steering and pain in his left leg due to the lack of an air assisted clutch. No sleeper cab either for our pampered driver. His 'bed' consisted of a home constructed board placed on the central engine cover and supported by the seats. Oh and did I tell you that a cab heater was an optional extra in 1970..? Saying this the Atkinson was considered to be the 'SCANIA' of it's day with it's wrap round windscreen and relative comfort compared very favourably with vehicles from the previous decade. It is surprisingly a pleasure to drive and the old vinyl seat is very comfortable. The engine has a powerful roar that was music to the ears of a 'traditional' lorry driver of it's day. The gearbox is a David Brown six speed constant mesh i.e. no synchromesh, requiring the driver to match road speed to engine /gearbox speed to enable smooth changes. This driving procedure is known as double declutching and would open a whole new world to our young driver.Get it wrong and you crunch the gears horribly [Ha Ha!] or come to a complete stop before you could once again engage first gear and start all over again! The engine is a road modifed Gardner 180 bhp which was widely used in marine applications, very reliable and economical. It's original design dates back to the 30's and were produced in four, five and six cylinder versions. The engine design slowly evolved with improvements made where a definite modification would improve efficiency and build quality. This ensured reliability which is probably the most important factor in the haulage business. The cost of diesel fuel back then was not the problem as it is today.180 BHP sounds very small compared with the 400bhp engines found in modern lorries but it easily pulled a 40 ft trailer and formed the backbone of the heavy haulage fleets of it's day. ERF and Foden were also noted users of the Gardner engine particularly with their tanker and tipper bodied vehicles They are not a fast engine but pack terrific torque relying on the skill of the driver and his use of the gearbox to keep things moving. The Exhaust tends to smoke a bit when first started but this soon clears when under power and the engine warms. I say warms because the Gardner is a very cool running engine. With the arrival of the motorway network in the 1960's more speed was demanded by the hauliers and Gardner introduced the incredible straight eight 240 BHP engine for use in maximum weight vehicles and Atkinson began to offer the Cummins and Rolls Royce diesels as alternatives. Gardner engines were well loved by haulage companies and workshop mechanics but the days of the night trunk drivers slogging up the A1 were beginning to be a thing of the past. The white hot period of Gardner engined heavy haulage fleets was nearing it's end. After retirement by it's original owner the vehicle was converted to a timber tractor and was used for this purpose for a number of years. It is fitted with a heavy Garwood winch driven by a 1955 six cylinder BMC diesel engine via its original gearbox. It is now in preservation and attends vintage vehicle and steam shows during the summer. Viewing the clip since upload I feel the driving bit is far too long so if you get bored, just fast forward through it! I hope you find at least parts of this video clip interesting. J.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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