Bumblebee transforms at Auto Show

See Autobot Bumblee transform at auto show while Jolt, Sideswipe, Skids & Mudflap also make their debut . This is the first official look at the Autobots from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and the first official release of the new character names!

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Bumblebee Tribute

Bumblebee Transforms at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
A new Bumblebee Transformers experience made its debut at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis! Watch as an actor in a specially designed Bumblebee costume goes from a car to a Transformers robot. It's a truly unique Bumblebee costume made just for The Children's Museum! Seeing is BEE-lieving. See the performance in person every Saturday and Sunday at noon at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

Top 10 Scenes | BUMBLEBEE (HD)
+ 100 THANK YOU! I'd have liked to publish a new tribute video to thank you all, but i didn't have so much time. For the moment i want to publish another Top10, of Bumblebee! There were many good scenes; hope i didn't forget anyone of it :) We'll see with a new video with news about TRANSFORMERS 5 on saturday 17th! P.s. Finally there are videos and pictures of Hot Rod!

Real Life Transformer Bumblebee Goes To Time Square NYC
See the new transforming bumblebee http://www.youtube.com/user/ExtremeCostumes Best Halloween Costume Ever FAQ Q. How tall is it? A. 9 feet Q. How long did it take to build it? A. 200 hours Q. Can you transform? A. It's Hard to be a contortionist while being on stilts Q. What is it made out of? Bumblebee is made out of recycled material including Hotwheels race tracks Tide bottle Nesquick container Half a yoyo Baby Bottle caps Buckets Lamp Shade Funnels kazoo safety helmets babyfood container cereal bowl Pencil Box Bottle caps Erector set parts Prenzel box container and more... Q.How much does it weigh? A. 70 Pounds Inquarys Email Tom tdepetrillo@cox.net