VW Buggy Suspension animation

Just a lil video I put together in Blender of the front suspension of my VW Buggy Model

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5 Link Buggy SandRail Suspension
Moving from a 4 link solid non plunging drive shaft / U-Joint suspension to a 5 link 930 CV. Reason for needing the 5th link is a CV joint is meant to plunge ( move in and out ) where as the toe in the 4 link was managed by the solid U-Joint drive shaft.

Fusca suspensão IRS AP 1.8 - Old beetle rear suspension IRS
Conversão da suspensão do fusca para IRS

Dune buggy build rear suspension
Hi guys after all the work i put into the other set up i had made i ended up binning it and redesigning the hub carriers and wishbones so i can fit a 10 inch wheel if needed and also gives me the option of fitting any size wheel to change the gearing