VW Buggy Suspension animation

Just a lil video I put together in Blender of the front suspension of my VW Buggy Model

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Ball Joint Front Axle Beam Assembly for Volkswagens
This is a computer animation about how every piece of a VW front end is assembled. This applies to all ball joint front ends with the exception of the shock towers in this model. This beam is setup for link pin shocks. Note: This particular ATOMWERK front end uses link pin shocks instead of standard ball joint. Atomwerk Engineering Inc. Phone: 541-935-8026 Web: http://atomwerk.org Email: atomwerk@gmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Atomwerk-Engineering-Inc/ Music by: Abrasion equation Soundcloud:: https://soundcloud.com/abrasion-equation Label: www.specopsmusic.com

VW beetle adjustable ball joint beam
Fitting 2 EMPI beam adjusters to a ball joint beetle front beam

Ratwagen drop
Start to finish lowering of a 1500 volkswagen beetle using commercially available beam adjusters.

5 Link Buggy SandRail Suspension
Moving from a 4 link solid non plunging drive shaft / U-Joint suspension to a 5 link 930 CV. Reason for needing the 5th link is a CV joint is meant to plunge ( move in and out ) where as the toe in the 4 link was managed by the solid U-Joint drive shaft.