Spec Miata racing at Road Atlanta, 7/05

Some excerpts from a Spec Miata race I drove in at Road Atlanta in July of 2005.

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2013 Road Atlanta Majors Spec Miata Race 2 - Danny Steyn vs Andrew Carbonell
Race 2 was a real barn burner with many lead changes. Steyn starts from outside pole, drops back as far as 4th place, works back to the front with 6 to go and tries to gap Rossini engine team mate Andrew Carbonell, but to no avail. On the last lap Carbonel makes an attempt in T3 and bangs into Steyn twise, Steyn saves it, and continues in the lead. Carbonnel drafts Steyn on the back straight and makes the clean pass in T10A to get the win by 1/10th second. Dillon MacHavern back in 3rd place

2012 Spec Miata National at Road Atlanta - Race 2
Lots of close racing. I screw up in T7 and miss the 2-3 up-shift not once but twice and fall back to 12th place. Slowly make my way up to 4th. I finally catch and pass Drago for 4th, and he retires with a loose wheel. Nothing exciting happens thereafter so I stopped the video. Finishing order...Brown, Sandlin, Bolanos, Steyn, Anderson, Charbonneau, Burdzy, Carbonnel, Brock, Labounty.

2012 ARRC Spec Miata Road Atlanta Danny Steyn
In a closely contested race, Cliff Brown holds off the challenge from Danny Steyn. Jim Drago is an early contender but an off in Turn 5 ends his chances. Brown and Steyn pull away to wing over over Drago and Blake Clements. If you want to skip to the good part - watch from 12:00 onwards and see how the last lap pass attempt succeeds and then fails as I get to greedy in T7. This video shows the start, the first 4 laps and the last 4 laps...... middle section of the race was just like the beginning and the end! Brown and Steyn were never separated by more than 0.3 seconds for the entire 20 lap race. Thanks to Mike Rossini at Rossini Racing Engines for a really great engine, to Tom Fowler at OPM Autosports for the great Spec Miata build, and to Glenn and Ron at Traqmate for the great data system and support

2015 SCCA Runoffs Broadcast- Spec Miata
Full video of the "Friday Night Lights" Spec Miata race at the 2015 Runoffs under the lights at Daytona International Speedway. Race Recap below (Racer.com Article): Jonathan Goring, of Norfolk, Conn., came storming from back in the pack to grab the Spec Miata National Championship at the SCCA Runoffs Presented by Garmin VIRB under the speedway's lights as part of Friday Night Lights Presented by Mazda, at Daytona International Speedway. Andrew Carbonell, of Miami, Fla., finished second, while Cory Collum, of Miami, Fla., edged Alex Bolanos at the line for third. With a heavy shower having just passed through the area prior to the green flag, the track was wet and slick, leaving drivers to choose a wet or dry strategy at the last minute. For all but the last half lap, no one, including Goring, would have guessed the driver of the No. 118 Alfas Unlimited/Dixon/Rossini Mazda Miata would finish the race in the top position. Goring was not even in the picture for the lead battle until Turn Six of lap 14, after he came charging through the field in drying conditions that finally suited his set up and jumped into the lead. "I don't even know if it's hit me yet," Goring said. "I'm sure once I get home it will finally start to settle in. Right now, it's a little shock and a little amazement. I'm just pleased with the effort that my family, and I, put in. We're a family team, so I'm just happy all the work has finally paid off." In the wet, the race appeared to be a two-car competition between Floridians Bolanos and Collum. The pair worked together to break away from the field on wet-weather Hoosier race tires, and remained there until a dry line began to form on the track. By then Goring, with the help of Carbonell and Chris Haldeman's No. 72 X-factor Racing/Carbotech Miata, was on the move through the field. During his last three circuits, Goring was turning lap times four seconds quicker than the fading leaders. "We were sitting in the trailer, in the paddock, with dry tires on and we went back and forth between whether we should use wets or drys about 20 times. I was pacing around and chewing my fingernails off trying to figure out what to do. So, we ended up putting the rains on because we saw that a shower was moving in. We went to the grid on rains, and then made the last minute decision to switch to dry tires. In the middle of the change I second-guessed that decision. But, I said to myself 'You know what, let's go.' "During the first four or five laps, I knew the leaders had gotten pretty far ahead and knew that I needed a partner. I tapped my brakes, Andrew [Carbonell] and I got together, and as the track started to dry, we started moving forward. I knew that I needed to get by as many people as possible. I didn't know I was in the lead until I got into pit lane after the cool-down lap when they pointed me to victory circle. I kept asking where I was on the radio, but had a bad radio connection. So, all I could hear was static." Also on a dry set-up, Carbonell's No. 79 BSI Racing Mazda Miata paired up with Goring as the dry line formed. Using the draft, Carbonell powered himself around Bolanos' No. 57 Momo/Autotechnik/Apex Alignment Miata and Collum's No. 23 Auto Galaxy/AutoTechnik Miata just after Goring did. Read More: http://www.racer.com/scca-home/item/121965-runoffs-changing-conditions-help -goring-to-spec-miata-national-championship-under-the-lights