Greddy Twin Turbo 350Z Dual TI-C TIC Exhaust System Revving Up Static X Motorsports

Greddy Twin turbo 350Z Built @ Static X Motorsports, Inc. Revving up the Exhaust so you guys can hear what it sounds like... wow =)... sounds terrific! Not too loud at idle, no drone, just a great Exhaust. Buy this and many other Greddy products from your Alabama GREDDY Authorized Dealer: Static X Motorsports, Inc. 9584B Madison BLVD Madison AL 35758 256-258-6990 Greddy Dual 70mm Ti-C!!! Find this product on our website here: Buy and help support your only Alabama Authorized Greddy Dealer! With your support we can continue to make these videos and installation photos and similar. Thank you for looking!

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08 Mustang GT Sherrod 500S Dyno at Static X Motorsports Run 2
Static X Motorsports, Inc. Dynos a Sherrod S500 2008 Mustang GT with only 4000 miles on the vehicle! Run 2 from the side angle. Car has the S500 package which is basically a very nice body kit, side exit Exhaust, and shaker hood kit. With a programmer it will break 300WHP/330WTQ. Stock is generally in the 260-270 range. With a Roushcharger, as the customer is planning in the future, it will break 400-700WHP =). We're looking forward to see more from this vehicle in the near future! Dyno your Mustang at Static X Motorsports, Inc!! Schedule your appointment by contacting us: Static X Motorsports, Inc. 9584B Madison BLVD Madison AL 35758 256-258-6990 HELP SUPPORT YOUR AUTHORIZED ALABAMA ROUSH AND FORD RACING PRODUCTS DEALER!! ROUSH Performance Products:

My NSRT with GReddy Evo 2 exhaust walkaround
What I do: This is a walk around of my 2004 Dodge Neon SRT-4 stage 2 with GReddy Evo 2 Exhaust.

04 350z GReddy dual Turbo Ti-C exhaust without silencer
04 350Z GReddy dual turbo Ti-C Exhaust without silencer

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