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Deaf guy working on his Project truck and get ready for mini truckin magzine

hi my name is Arthur and here a truck 2005 gmc canyon and its my project truck. u see video of my truck i ve done everythng all by my self.. on the video so far i did suicide door on rear doors, shave dooe handle, shave 3rd brake light. and add tonneau cover.. kepp check on me i ll add more video of my truck on processing.... thank you for checkin out all my videos BTW my shop will be open.. its coming up.. " Deaf Customs Frabication" DCF


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MotorWeek FYI: Deaf Driver
MotorWeek FYI: Deaf Driver

Casual Disaster Films Preview
This is a preview for the first DVD by Casual Disaster Films. Please leave comments on what you think, and make sure to visit www.okcminis.com and www.minitrucker.org

Mini Truckin Video
Something I made up. Recorded and "ghetto edited"

Truck Accidents Compilation 2013
Compilation of Truck Accidents March 2013 If you like, watch more here: http://goo.gl/d1kay There are many dangerous challenges a professional driver must adapt during a 10 hour shift of slick, icy roads or poor visibility. In fact, the Department of Transportion estimates that 500,000 truck accidents each year and that one person is killed or injured every 16 minutes in The United States. The good news is that commercial drivers are only involved in 2.4% of all traffic accidents and more then 75% of all collisions are caused by passenger vehicles. Furthermore, studies showed that 16% of all truck drivers made no provisions for safe driving and were at fault. Federal safety rules require a driver to slow down and use extreme caution under harsh weather conditions. Other Tags: "Car Crash Compilation 2013" "Car Crash Compilation 2013 #2" "Car accident compilation 2013" "monthly Car Crash" "Car accident compilation 2013" "Car Crash Compilation 2013 Part 2" "truck crash compilation 2013" "monthly Car Crash 2013" "monthly Car Crash" "accident 2013" mw failure TheChacal537 Epic Fail Lol Owned Noob Ownage Hilarious Funny Videos Monthly Winners Monthly Wins Car Crashes FAIL Compilation 2013 Best Car Crashes of the Week 2013 DECEMBER JANUARY MARCH APRIL FAIL WIN Car CRASH COMPILATION 2013 DECEMBER JANUARY MARCH APRIL FAIL WIN Car CRASH COMPILATION 2013 DECEMBER JANUARY MARCH APRIL FAIL WIN Car CRASH COMPILATION 2013 DECEMBER JANUARY MARCH APRIL FAIL WIN Car CRASH COMPILATION 2013 DECEMBER JANUARY MARCH APRIL FAIL WIN Car CRASH COMPILATION 2013 Best FAILS / WINS / CAR CRASHES 2013 Compilation Best FAILS / WINS / CAR CRASHES 2013 Compilation Best FAILS / WINS / CAR CRASHES 2013 Compilation

My life as a minitrucker! ( how to build a mini truck )
I kinda messed up the order of some of these clips, but I guess you'll get the idea. I was into minitrucks since the seventh grade. I hope to build another truck someday, but right now I'm trying to get my business off the ground. Anyway I hope you all enjoy this video and feel free to ask any questions. COMMENT PLEASE and don't forget to rate!

The Wedding Crasher - Chris Grantham
More videos @ http://www.upstatedvd.com

new toy from nc chris
a over view of NC CHRIS'S new 1964 datsun truck...just started working on it...

78 chevy truck 3/4 ton project truck
Add &fmt=18 to the end of the URL for better vido quality Check out the cardomain page for the truck to see some more pics. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3303226 This is a video of the restoration project I just started on. It's a 78 Chevy 3/4 ton. The body was completely shot when I got it and it didn't run. Since I got it I've taken the bed off it of got the back half of the frame painted, taken the fuel tank off paint it and patched a small pin hole, ran some temporary fuel lines and wire for the sending unit. I've got the motor running pretty good. The new motor thats going in it is a 5.3 vortec out of a 2001 Chevy truck. I'm going to be keeping it fuel injected also. I have all the adapters I need to make it fit, now I just need to get the stand-alone wiring harness and computer. I bought another bed for it and got the underneath of it cleaned and painted, also last week (12-8-08) I bought another cab for it. The new cab is off of a 1980 silverado so it has A/C and all the interior trim. So far I've got the new cab pretty much gutted out so I can get it prepped and painted. The color of the truck will be Forest Metallic Green like whats on the 99 up trucks. I'll try to keep videos posted of my progress. Leave some comments and let me know what ya think.

PickupTrucks.com 2008 Nissan Titan Project Truck Part 2
Part 2 of our Nissan Titan Project Truck build up. This time around we custom paint the Titan at Syndicate Auto Concepts, add Rodtana wheels and AMP Research bed and side steps, and announce who won this one of a kind pickup.

Mini Truckin
This is the first video I have made with fraps and my frist upload to youtube. The game is Rigs of Rods and the song is K.I.D. Productions - Mini Truckin

mini truck drag at unite 08
mini truck drag at unite 08

SS FOR LIFE video 2007
Mark eats UDON noodles!

golden customs car wars truck system fishtank suicide doors
suicide doors gullwing doors massive grille custom widebody system fishtank minibar limo batmobile airbrush cowl hood bodykit 24inch 22inch foose funkmasterflex

Mini Truckin
Draggin Chevy Silverado, first try with new camera and software, GHETTO EDITED

No Door Handles - Just Touch!
Introducing the Ultra Touch Invisible Switch - allowing you to lock and unlock your car doors without the need for keys! http://www.summitracing.com/redirect?banner=SocialYT974

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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