alex lights a cobra

IF YOU WANNA BUY 'EM, READ THE DESC. this is a firework, this brand is called "cobras" but apparently they're also called stuff like snakes/snake eggs. thanks to GameingWithAmber, i now know you can purchase them online at !

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Boiling Frog Experiment :: What do you think is the frog's fate? Watch more.
SUBSCRIBE and WATCH till the END until commenting. Only MODERATED comments from SUBSCRIBERS will be posted. FUNNIEST FROG REVENGE VIDEO Also, what are you doing on a BOILING FROG EXPERIMENT video? Don't you think it is funny how we go down the YouTube Rabbit Hole. Please, in the comment section, type "SOURCE:" and then what you first searched for on YouTube that brought you to BOILING FROG EXPERIMENT in the end. This should be fun!

oud & nieuw compilatie 2012/2013 [HD] - vuurmetwerk
Praat met ons mee over vuurwerk op Facebook: vuurwerk sfeer compilatie met allerlei verschillend vuurwerk van klein tot groot!

bazooka fail
bazooka fail

Nitraatmat 2000 schots
Nitraatmat 2000 schots, 75 euro in de Pyroshop, molenstraat 6 Baarle-Hertog. NU OOK TRUENO RICASA NO.4