Just making a sound video of my crx ED9. engine d16z5 DOHC. engine mods:DC-Sports 4-2-1, Catalytic converter, Ported intake manifold, CAI, Custom Exhaust, hondata intake gasket.

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Honda CRX ED9 Power!!!!
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CRX ED9 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear running sound
CRX ED9 / d16a9 stock engine with HKS cams (my thanks to Daniel for the original datasheet and how to setup them) and AEM cam gears - full Exhaust (ebay manifold with mods + Supersprint Exhaust, 50mm) - panel filter with bumper airduct. Stock ecu! The video was shot in an industrial area closed in the absence of people and cars! Il video è stato girato in una zona industriale in assenza di persone e macchine!

Honda CRX d16z5 part 2
zegrze pomorskie 04.10.2008 driver profile:

Mongoose exhaust crx ED9/EF
ligne mongoose honda civic crx ED9 EF8 airbox Header Mongoose catback Mugen ECU 7800rpm P7 gearbox and quaife LSD Thanks to Merci à