Just making a sound video of my crx ED9. engine d16z5 DOHC. engine mods:DC-Sports 4-2-1, Catalytic converter, Ported intake manifold, CAI, Custom Exhaust, hondata intake gasket.

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EF Civic Tribute
Just a slide show of Things my 89 hatch has been through 1989 civic si hatchback 95 b18b1 motor Gram Lights C57s i/h/e new videos will be up in the summer with turbo,races,drag strip,honda meets Winnipeg Manitoba not my song all rights go to the owner

CRX Tanabe Medallion Touring
This is just a short sound clip of me reving a DOHC ZC w/ a Tanabe Medallion Touring Exhaust.

Crx Ed9 BBP Cat-Back Sound !
Tss 4-2-1 Fächerkrümmer,Rennkat,BBP Cat-Back Anlage war zu Laut leider hats das handy nicht ganz mit gemacht -.-

Honda CRX ED9 (Onboard) vs. Honda Integra Ricer geting smoked!