Just making a sound video of my crx ED9. engine d16z5 DOHC. engine mods:DC-Sports 4-2-1, Catalytic converter, Ported intake manifold, CAI, Custom Exhaust, hondata intake gasket.

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Honda CRX d16z5 part 2
zegrze pomorskie 04.10.2008 driver profile:

Mongoose exhaust crx ED9/EF
ligne mongoose honda civic crx ED9 EF8 airbox Header Mongoose catback Mugen ECU 7800rpm P7 gearbox and quaife LSD Thanks to Merci à

crx & ef tribute

CRX D16z6 sohc jacksonracing supercharger 8psi 159whp 127tq
d16z6 CRX with a Jackson racing Supercharger setup on 8psi. On the Dynojet it made 159whp 127tq d16z6 sohc w/ 75.5mm YCP Vitara pistons with teflon coated side skirts & stock rods, Ported Manifold, S/C inlet, Boost bypass, S-pipe cut in half and ported, Matched to the B16 throttle body 3.4'' Supercharger Pulley Header, Gutted cat, 2.5" Exhaust 3" Intake obd1 conversion, p28 chipped ecu chipped by xenocron, running neptune DSM 450cc injectors Walbro 255 Fuel pump Aem cam gear