CL Valiant Charger racing

A CL Valiant Charger with 318 auto racing around morgan park. Cut the corner a little too much.

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Valiant Charger E49 Big Tank
This particular Valiant Charger E49 is a 'Bathurst Special'. In order to qualify for racing at Bathurst, manufacturers had to sell a certain number of cars in order to pass the homologation requirements. The beautiful thing about race cars back then was you were able to buy on Monday what you watched race on Sunday. APOLOGY: Ed talks about the 6 Pack relating to the six cylinders when in actual fact he did say it relates to the triple dual barrel Weber carburettors. Our editor was consequently taken out the back and made to gargle two stroke while we whipped him with a fan belt for his sins. We will rectify this editing anomaly and offer our humblest apologies to Ed for making him sound like a goose. We owe you a case of fine lager Ed!

Collie Chrome Bumper Show 2013 - 1972 VH Valiant Charger
1972 VH Valiant Charger 2 Door -Mopar Family -Bozzauto Film Vehicles

245 HEMI 6 build... [ Part 2 ].......................265 valiant charger
Quick look at a 245 hemi i build for a restored VH Valiant Charger . Mopar or no car !

2014 Bathurst Easter Festival - Group N Touring Cars
Race 1 - 2 laps of Mount Panorama in the Valiant Charger of Craig "Crackers" Miles - giddy up tiger !