FULL Oulton Park 2007 Radical SR4 crash (Sky footage)

The Sky TV footage of my crash in the second race at Oulton Park May 2007. This is the full version

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radical sr4 onboard john hewitt oulton park 07 massive crash
hewitt gives terrence woodward a little tap so he takes it out of roger bromely.

Radical Masters Barcelona crash
Brake failure.

Oulton park crash
Dave Willet S3.............great while it lasted, who's fault, you decide.

Oulton Park Test Day - Crash - Brake Failure
Crash starts around 15m 10s. The pin that connects the brake pedal to the master cylinder fell out. I found out at Shell oil hair pin... No brakes at all, you can see me trying the pedal multiple times. It's a shame as the track was just drying out and I was starting to really enjoy the track :(