FULL Oulton Park 2007 Radical SR4 crash (Sky footage)

The Sky TV footage of my crash in the second race at Oulton Park May 2007. This is the full version

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radical sr4 onboard john hewitt oulton park 07 massive crash
hewitt gives terrence woodward a little tap so he takes it out of roger bromely.

Radical Masters Barcelona crash
Brake failure.

Biggest Onboard crash ever at Oulton Park!!! Must see!
TV footage of Hunter Abbots massive crash at Oulton Park during the GT race. The video includes onboard footage and an interview with Hunter after the crash

Carmageddon Radical crash at Castle Combe
Oh dear. As shown in the other clip, I was behind this Radical for quite a few laps but couldn't get around him due to trackday overtaking rules. Came into Camp corner at 120+ and went to turn into the apex only to find he was there and travelling a lot slower than me, so I had to go around him, ending up in an impossible line around the corner, which was only ever going to end one way. Note the comments from my long-suffering wife after the impact :)