J concepts Clash 2011 Pro4 SC A Main

J Concepts Clash 2011 hosted at Coral Spring, FL After days of rain, Coral Spring Track Crew were still able to get the the ready for action. Pro 4 SC A Main, Video is following hobbycrap/basher RC Raceway Driver, Felix Law.

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2014荃灣區遙控模型車青年杯 A main Final
It’s been long times since a race organizer setup a temperate track at a playground in HK, Due to the popularity of RC Racing in Hk/China, A small group name “Hong Kong Radio Control Car Room” www.hkrccr.com gather with couple of public school in HK to organize a special “Student” race to promo the Radio Control Sport. 2014荃灣區遙控模型車青年杯 Translated (2014 Tsuen Wan Radio Control Student Cup) was a 1 day event held in a paved soccer field. With the sport just beginning to become popular, the race Organize tries his best to make rule simple & fair for students. One of the main points of this event was to help promo & attract more young man to enter this fun sport & get them to involve more outdoor activities. During the event, there was over 10 school represented to clam the student cup title. With over 30+ student drivers, it was a successful event for the club. In qualifier, there were some intense battles for the TQ position. But there were 1 student clearly able to stay consistent over the 5 minute run. Kris Lo was able to TQ both round of the race with the only 23 laps run of the day. Due to the extreme “loose” condition, most student have to perform “Drift” Style driving to battle for top 10, Chris Lo was able to overcome the condition with the “prototype” Race opts chassis. Even with a wrong gear ratio setup due to the mistake of the “club rule” ; with a final drive ratio of 8.1 in a 13.5 motor, he was able to overcome the lack of speed with his driving. The close battle behind Chris was students from Tin Shui Wai. It seem the entire team was well prepare for the race with student Leung Yat Hin & Yu Wai Leung round up the 2nd & 3rd in qualifying. Both Student was putting pressure on Kris Lo, but due to the last min of lap traffic, they weren’t able to hit the 23 laps mark. In the final, just you think Kris Lo was able to run away from the group. One of the Tin Shui Wai student name Tsang Hui Yin put on a move & quickly jump from 4th to 1st. The battle was intense, position switch back & fore between Kris & Tsang Hui Yin. Untill the 4 min mark, Tsang Hui Yin made a huge mistake & got stuck at the board, & Kris Lo was able to run away clear from this intense battle. 1st- Chris Lo 2nd Tsang Hui Yin 3rd Leung Yat Hin

Atomic AMZ vs World GT 13.5 at Jeff's RC Studio
Who said Little car are slow. just look at this Atomic AMZ running with 13.5 world GT at this indoor track: Equip with 10000kv Atomic motor. Music by: ナノ-INFINITY≠ZERO https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=674003549348732&set=vb.513906235358465 &type=2&theater

Traxxas RCE Slash 4x4 at Short Course Showdown RD3 Trackside hobbies
Pro 4 A main Short Course Showdown RD3 at Trackside Hobbies. The Camera is following Traxxas driver Felix Law. Starting position 7th battle his way to 4th place finish in the Pro 4 A main. Chassis: Traxxas RCE Slash 4x4 Speedo: Hobbywing 120amp Motor: Tenshock SC411 4600kv Tires & Body: Green Pressure Point & J concepts High Flow.

2010 ROAR Region 4 Mod 4WD buggy
Team HobbyCrap, Felix "more powa" Law got the TQ & the win with his J-concepts b44.