Abandoned Second Creek Raceway

Screaming engine first, then music starting @ 3:35. Prarie Dog with a death-wish @ 5:50, followed by a slow-mo hit on the camera @ 6:25.Testing my limited skills on an old track. : ) Thanks for watching.

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ExtremeBlaster XB08 Exhaust on '09 Speed Triple
Make sure to click on HD QUALITY. The newest mod to my '09 Triumph S3. I love this Exhaust! Smoother/quicker throttle response, throaty growl/bass note, and unique look. Price was totally reasonable. Took the bike out for a nice March ride here in Colorado. Sorry I couldn't open up the throttle very much due to slow neighborhood streets. Will take more vids at the track when things warm up. For more info on this Exhaust go to gsxrExhaust.com.

GoPro Hero 2 External Microphone Demo
I recently purchased an external mic from Rage Cams for the GoPro Hero 2 HD camera. It was a vast improvement over the crappy internal mic. I secured the mic in a loop to prevent vibrations that would cause the stem to flop around, which result in very bad popping noises. I was very impressed with the sound quality, especially considering my Triumph Speed Triple has an extremely loud Exhaust. The stereo mic was only $19 USD.

Suzuki TL1000 follows Triumph Speed Triple
My buddy following me at abandoned Second Creek Raceway.

GoPro Hero Wide Motorcycle Camera
It's hard to beat the GoPro for stablility. I highly recommend this cam if you have a bike. The HD model is even better than this. Hit me up if you have any questions!