The Bugatti Veyron of performance boats

Statement Marine's vision is building the undeniable pinnacle in performance boats, targeted at being the Bugatti Veron of the offshore world. "WAIT A MINUTE"... do you need killer editing, fearless production, I'm looking for more work.. unique editing and production on Odessa our 65' 20m production yacht... don't worry about budget... pop me an email, I love making films, bringing stories to life... go on, email me

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180+ MPH! On 50' Cat, Key Biscayne Florida!
180+ MPH On 50' Cat, Key Biscayne Florida This footage is old promo shot a while back from the chopper / helo for my friend Todd Werner for the cabin suspension boats he builds. Please check out and FL Power Boat Club Check out short clip below I have the oldest YouTube Video of a Statement Marine boat from 2009 in the prototype (Link Here: ). I hope you enjoy! Bugatti Veyron of Boats

MTI Mercedes Benz Powerboat 193MPH

The Earth Race joins Sea Shepherd
A short film showing the Adi Gil's capabilities and it's sheer awesomeness, that is till it sunk. The Adi Gil was rammed on Wednesday the 6th of January, by the Shonan Maru No. 2. I've also uploaded a clip from Adi Gil in the minutes leading up to the ramming, view it here DISCLAIMER. I am not the owner of the soundtrack on this video. No copy right infringement intended. All music is the property of Food Records, Blur and Seiji Ozawa.

Extreme 4000hp TURBINE ENGINES pure sweet sound
This Platinum turbine race boat shreds the competitors in it's first race. Off the line she dusts them literally in salt spray. No music here... just raw sound as it's captured by the camera. Check out bucket loads of killer turbine videos on my channel... subscribe, comment, let me know what you'd like to see.