Kyosho Spider MK II with RC Supercharged

OS MAX 15CV-X with RB Innovations's Supercharger in Kyosho Spider MK II GP RC car, 16% nitro fuel.

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How to Install an RC Supercharger from RB Innovations
In this video, we take you step by step through an installation of a Nitro Supercharger on a Traxxas 3.3 engine, but the instructions can also be applied to any other engine. Buy it here: Available at Innovations

RC Nitro Supercharger Redcat , Sonic 1/10 Scale ( Part 1 ).
RC Nitro Supercharger Redcat , Sonic 1/10 Scale taking out for a test run for the first time with a Supercharger on a 18cxp Nitro Engine. It picks up a lot of speed very fast in a short run with the Supercharger that I got the Supercharger over the web at RB Innovations !. RB Innovations

Nitro Superchargers- good or bad PT 1
Check out Squirrels forum! This vid is on nitro Superchargers. These are the guys like RB where they claim more speed and RPM from your nitro engine. Do they work or are they over glorified engine cookers? This thread will solve that mystery and also there is a thread on my forum that addresses this. This is video 1 of 2 for the nitro super chargers picco rb .12 .15 2.5 3.3 .18 os axial lrp spec 3 .21 .20 .23 .21 .25 .26 .27 .28 .30 .32 collari revo traxxas hpi savage x ss lst lst1 lst2 2 1 aftershock gt gt2 ae associated mgt 8.0 mini mgt mmgt firestorm hellstarter warhead warhammer tower terror xxxnt xxx-nt jato stampede rustler rusty pede tmaxx t maxx s max bandit slash slayer platinum ofna buggy truggy monster truck mt hyper 7 8.5 9 mgt comp MGM lx mbx pro 4-tec crt crt.5 hyper mini mugen kyosho 777 WE MBXt ravager violator For a nitro engine to work, air is pumped into the engine via the carburetor. The air is then mixed with the pressurized flow of nitro fuel and the two mix or become "atomized". This mixture then enters the case of the engine via the main intake port. The rear Exhaust is left open initially and this why it is important to have a good tuned pipe for your particular engine. Upon explosion, a wave will travel to the end of the pipe at the speed of sound and then bounce back. This "echo wave" or "plugging wave" will block the Exhaust port in a perfectly timed engine/ pipe fit. The piston is then free to compress fully at the top, causing the explosion, sending the piston down to reset the entire cycle. The folly to the Supercharger is that the intake port and the Exhaust ports are open at the same time. Two stroke diesels engines, on the other hand and why it will work with them, have Exhaust valves allowing the air to stay within the chamber. But, with both ends open, the increase of air will push out and the plugging wave will not stop all of the leak and it will go right through. This will then cause you to run your engine rich. Why rich? More air for the power will leave it running lean. Nitro engines rev high to begin with. This will suck more gas through the engine to compensate for the increased air and thus causing more wear, a higher rev, increased costs in replacement sleeves and pistons, and a very burned out engine. The other interesting conclusion is the added 15 to 30% (ball park) more HP

Nitro Rally Car Drifting with Tape Mod Tires
You dont have money to buy Drift Tires for your RC Rally car? Dont worry, this little mod will help you and get you drifting in not time at all. Plus its dirt cheap heheheh. This time we used yellow Electric wiring tape and it worked even better. However we did fry our Clutch though hehehe. Gotta repair it now. Check out the Nitro rally Car drifting on a course hard road with Rally tires that we modded in a minute using Electric Wiring Tape. Tons of fun but keep some spare clutch shoes ready. Subscribe to and Find us on Twitter: Facebook: Google Plus: Highly Customized Aerial filming and Aerial Surveillance Solutions Thanks to Maker Studios for another great year! Click this link to join me at Maker and power up your YouTube channel Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound Other Royalty Free Music by Comments and feedback welcome at , and