Kyosho Spider MK II with RC Supercharged

OS MAX 15CV-X with RB Innovations's Supercharger in Kyosho Spider MK II GP RC car, 16% nitro fuel.

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RC Nitro Supercharger Redcat , Sonic 1/10 Scale ( Part 1 ).
RC Nitro Supercharger Redcat , Sonic 1/10 Scale taking out for a test run for the first time with a Supercharger on a 18cxp Nitro Engine. It picks up a lot of speed very fast in a short run with the Supercharger that I got the Supercharger over the web at RB Innovations !. RB Innovations

Kyosho Pureten Spider nitro RC Project.
Hey Guys! My channels been stagnant for about 4 months now so how about i start something fresh and new! I bought this RC Car of Ebay about 3-4 weeks ago and got the fuel and glow plugs yesterday, it starts but has lots of problems i need to fix: There is a rubber ring that goes around the accelerator thats connected to the servo to stop unwanted movement i think, well i lost that today, oops! because of that it revved alot smoke poured out and when you stop accelerating alltogether the wheels are meant to lock so when its idling it doesn't end up parked in a bush, thats broken but not really necessary as it doesn't shoot of anywhere in this video! I just need a 27mhz transmitter and receiver and its driveable!

How to Install an RC Supercharger from RB Innovations
In this video, we take you step by step through an installation of a Nitro Supercharger on a Traxxas 3.3 engine, but the instructions can also be applied to any other engine. Buy it here: Available at Innovations

Nitro Rally Car Drifting with Tape Mod Tires
You dont have money to buy Drift Tires for your RC Rally car? Dont worry, this little mod will help you and get you drifting in not time at all. Plus its dirt cheap heheheh. This time we used yellow Electric wiring tape and it worked even better. However we did fry our Clutch though hehehe. Gotta repair it now. Check out the Nitro rally Car drifting on a course hard road with Rally tires that we modded in a minute using Electric Wiring Tape. Tons of fun but keep some spare clutch shoes ready. Get Amazing RC hobby and toys products here Subscribe to and Find us on Twitter: Facebook: Google Plus: Highly Customized Aerial filming and Aerial Surveillance Solutions Thanks to Maker Studios for another great year! Click this link to join me at Maker and power up your YouTube channel Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound Other Royalty Free Music by Comments and feedback welcome at , and