Powercruise 25 - XR6 Turbo Ute vs Turbo VT Calais 2

Powercruise 25 XR6 turbo Ute 470hp

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Powercruise eastern creek 2011 Xr6turbo vs many
xr6t at time of vid 272rwkw (now 320rwkw) BF MkII zf6sp. sydney powercruise 2011

XR6 TURBO - Toxic BEAST 312
312.5 rw KW XR6 turbo... using 4" intake and other heavily armed goods. Song used is - Don Omar - Los Bandoleros

Ford BA xr6 Ute tyre popping SKID at Talks Cheap Burnouts
Check out the rear tub when the tire pops... pretty good skid from a NA 6cyl work ute.

Powercruise 25 - Procharged Monaro vs Mazda Rotary Ute 20BRP
Powercruise 25 XR6 turbo Ute 470hp