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Forza 7 | 1st Honda Car Meet | 500HP Turbo B16 CRX Build - Drag Racing w/ Preludes, EK9 Civics & CRX
The first unofficial Forza Motorsport 7 500HP Honda Car Meet we did from the other day. Restrictions were 500HP Below, & FWD Only. Built a 500HP turbo B16 1991 Honda CR-X SiR. Had some funny/dumb moments during this also lol. Hope y'all enjoyed the video, leave a like if you did! As much as how terrible the Honda's sound in this game, i'll be looking forward to the Honda Car Meets in this with all sorts of builds you can do. Beat: Creator: GT: SpecAgent BEN Instagram : Twitter : Twitch : Become A YouTube Partner! :

H22 Honda Prelude N/A Drag Race Build Slideshow
H22 DOHC VTEC, 1994 Honda Prelude N/A Drag Race Build Slideshow. Special thanks to James Goldman and JAMES AUTO SERVICES, JAS RACING. Check out the other build video here:

[ENG CC] Integra Type R DC2 vs. Prelude Type S BB6 1/4 mile drag race 1997
miroshi's Integra Type R #1920 homepage: Drag race between JDM Integra Type R DC2 (Oi Takayuki) and 5th gen Prelude Type S BB6 (Nakaya Akihiko).

Forza 7 | 741HP Turbo H22 '00 Prelude - Street/Drag Build, Test Hits, Burnouts, & More
Another requested video I got yall for those who don't have early access. Did a Street/Drag type Build 741HP turbo H22A4 2000 Honda Prelude Type SH. Got a little bit of cruising, burnouts, and some test hits in. Hope y'all enjoyed the gameplay/video, leave a like it would be greatly appreciated. And yall this makes some crazy HP numbers but I feel like it doesn't add up. Feels like it's just as quick as a turbo K20 Civic EK9 or turbo B18 Integra idk tho lol. GT: SpecAgent BEN Instagram : Twitter : Twitch : Become A YouTube Partner! :