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Honda prelude vs Chevrolet Camaro Drag Race
Just an old video (filmed with a potato) that i found on my pc, was deleted years ago from youtube but idk why. Somebody knows the name of this song?

★ Honda Prelude H23a JDM vs Volks GTI MK5 Stage 2 SANAIR DRAG ★
GTI MKV vs Honda Prelude H23a JDM - SANAIR DRAG 2014 Music / Instrumental by

700HP Prelude WRECKS the Texas Streets!
From the BoostED NIGHTS DVD Now Shipping - ‎ We’ve seen this Prelude before, and it’s definitely a force to be reckon with! The H22 with a Precision 6266 strapped onto it is no joke - putting down a WHOPPING 700hp to the wheels! Notice the big tire on the front of this Honda…it’s obvious this is a serious setup. Taking on 700+ hp LSx cars, and a 2JZ S2000, this little four cylinder does WORK! Check out this feature as we ride along in this awesome high horsepower machine!

Toyota Starlet Gt VS Honda Prelude Drag Cyprus
Just for fun toyota club Cyprus meeting