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Sound Comparison of Eaton and Kenne Bell

Sounds like a Siren if you ask me. sorry for the music in the video. But this cut out from complication Mustang video the orginal files without the music is no longer avaible. the Mineral Grey Mustang is the Eaton. The black one is the Kenny Bell the Mach 1 has full bassani.


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Stage 3: 2013-2014 Shelby GT500 Bolt On Build Up - AmericanMuscle.com
We just built a 700RWHP 2013-2014 Shelby GT500 Mustang With Bolt-On Mods! Make sure to watch all 3 Stages at http://www.americanmuscle.com/13-14-shelby-gt500-build.html In the 3rd Stage of our GT500 Bolt-On Build-Up, we installed: Ford Racing Super Cobra Jet Oval Throttle Body - (07-14 GT500) http://www.americanmuscle.com/frpp-supercobrajet-tb-0712gt500.html Stainless Works Off-Road X-Pipe - (07-14 GT500) http://www.americanmuscle.com/stainlessworks-offroad-xpipe-1114gt500.html Kooks Performance Axle-Back Exhaust w/ Quad Tips - (13-14 GT500) http://www.americanmuscle.com/kooks-axleback-1314gt500.html In the third stage of our 2013 and 2014 Shelby GT500 Ford Mustang build we wanted to help our GT500's Exhaust flow better so removed the cats. In place we used the Stainless Works 2 3/4 X pipe installed eliminating the factory cats to help the Exhaust flow more effiiciently. We ditched the factory GT500 Axle-Back in place for the Kooks Performance Quad-Tip Axle-Back with their 3" Oval Race Muffler and dual 4" Polished Tips for that signature GT500 look. With the Stainless Works X pipe and Kooks Axle-Back Exhaust installed we created a truly unique and aggressive sound that will make your GT500 stand out from the pack! Lastly we had Ford Racing's Super Cobra Jet Oval Throttle Body installed. Upgrading the throttle body allowed us to get rid of the OEM bottle neck design and force some air into our 5.8l Trinity motor resulting in some great gains! With the newly installed mods in place we were able to put down an explosive 709 horsepower and 727 pound feet of torque, giving us a peak gain of 52 horsepower over our Stage 2 Results, and gains of 65 horsepower and 57 pound feet of torque throughout the curve! COMMENT below and let us know what you think we should do next for our 2013-2014 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 build...


Breaking Down An Eaton Supercharger
Tutorial on the workings of a Roots Style Supercharger.

SuperCharged Mustang Cobra Donuts 517hp
Siiiick Mustang!! 517WRHP 501RWTQ at least it what the videos says. ENJOY!

Kenne Bell Cobra vs GSX-R 1000
This is a race between a kenne bell 03-04 Mustang cobra and a late 2000s Suzuki GSX-R 1000.

Supercharged and Intercooled Mustang GT 2002
Never realized how popular this video has gotten, well. I sold the car, heres the link of the sale, and all the specs if anyone is interested also many pictures: http://www.svtperformance.com/forums/other-vehicles-buy-sell-268/595781-sup ercharged-intercooled-Mustang-gt-02-a.html thanks for all the comments. it was a fun ride.. my second Mustang and my last Mustang. I sold the car to somene named Chris Grube in Atlanta, GA. He seems like a nice guy I think it went to a good home. Good luck to all you guys

2004 kenne bell vs 2003 ported eaton cobra
ported eaton 2.8 500whp kenne bell 2.2 19 psi

SR Performance Short Throw Shifter & Bracket Install - MT-82 (2011-2014 Mustang GT, V6)
Watch us install an SR Performance Short Throw Shifter for 2011-2014 Mustang V6 & GT in this video! http://www.americanmuscle.com/srperformance-short-shifter-kit-1114.html Smoother, Firmer Shifts. By combining a SR Performance MT-82 Short Throw Shifter and Shifter Bracket you will enjoy smoother, faster shifting while you're flying through the gears. This bracket and short shifter replaces your weak factory setup that can allow deflection during spirited driving and power shifting, causing slow or even missed shifts. 25-30% Shorter Throw. Eliminate the sloppy, mushy feeling of the Mustangs stock factory shifter with a brand new SR Performance short throw shifter and shifter bracket combo kit from AmericanMuscle. This SR Performance short shifter and bracket kit is specifically designed to reduce the throw by up to 25-30%, all while preserving the factory shifter ergonomics for a comfortable yet sporty driving experience. Retains Reverse Lock-out. The SR Performance Short Throw Shifter was specifically designed to retain the Reverse Lock-out safety feature of the 2011-2014 manual Mustangs to prevent accidentally shifting into reverse. Superior Construction. Featuring rock solid construction, this SR Performance short throw shifter is manufactured from billet aluminum, steel, and composite components to provide a lifetime of gear banging enjoyment. Application. This SR Performance short throw shifter and bracket combo kit is designed for the 2011-2014 V6 and GT Mustangs equipped with the MT-82 manual 6 speed transmission. The shift handle reuses the stock shift knob or an aftermarket knob with a 12mm x 1.25 thread pattern can be used. Mustang Fitment: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Item # 525092

Eaton M90/M62 Supercharge series I and II.(Worn Coupler replacement)
Replacing a worn out Supercharger coupler on 3.8 GM engines.This video offer some explanation about the Eaton M90 and M-62 root type air pump aka Supercharger. How to rebuild and maintain the M90 & M62 Supercharger. Repairing a knocking plastic coupler in side the Eaton supercharge, and replace the Ester Oil every 30,000 mile. Replacing the supercharge oil will extend the operation lifetime of the unit. http://spinningwheels-sc.com/eatonm90refresherkit.aspx COMPLETE REBUILT KIT =$119 *2005 http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/stevexperformance/325d.jpg http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/stevexperformance/2a18.jpg http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/stevexperformance/61ea.jpg http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/stevexperformance/4d78.jpg http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/stevexperformance/43d2.jpg http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/stevexperformance/3bbd.jpg http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/stevexperformance/9d4d.jpg http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/stevexperformance/8793.jpg http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/stevexperformance/35fa.jpg http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/stevexperformance/9d4d.jpg http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/stevexperformance/78c6.jpg http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/stevexperformance/9b17.jpg http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/stevexperformance/d4d2.jpg http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/stevexperformance/22e0.jpg http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i232/stevexperformance/ddca.jpg

04 Kenne Bell Cobra - Borla Stinger catback / offroad x pipe
04 Kenne Bell Cobra - Borla Stinger catback / offroad x pipe. (Exhaust clips) Untamed Snake www.svtperformance.com

Stage 2: 2013-2014 Shelby GT500 Bolt-On Build-Up - AmericanMuscle.com
Were about to build a 700RWHP 2013-2014 Shelby GT500 Mustang With Bolt-On Mods! Make sure to watch all 3 Stages at http://www.americanmuscle.com/13-14-shelby-gt500-build.html In the 2nd Stage of our GT500 Bolt-On Build-Up, we installed: Gates 10-Rib Serpentine Belt - 85-7/8 in. (07-14 GT500) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/gates-serpentine-belt-0714gt500.html Innovators West 10% Overdrive Harmonic Balancer Pulley (07-14 GT500) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/overdrive-harmonic-balancer-gt500.html Metco Motorsports Auxiliary Idler Pulley Kit - Double Bearing (07-14 GT500) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/metco-90mm-db-idler-pulley-0714gt500.html NGK V-Power Spark Plugs - Heat Range 6 (03-04 Cobra; 07-14 GT500) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/ngk-sparkplugs-4177.html In the second stage of our 2013 and 2014 Shelby GT500 Ford Mustang build we wanted to add a little more Boost to help put the power down. We did so by adding the Innovators West 10% Overdrive Harmonic Balancer Pulley along with Metco Motorsports Auxiliary Idler Pulley Kit. Lastly was the addition of NGK's V-Power Spark Plugs which helped to produce 657 horsepower and 696 pound feet of torque, giving us 34 horsepower and 41 pound feet of torque throughout the curve! COMMENT below and let us know what you think we should install next for the 3rd Stage of this 2013-2014 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 build...

JUL 14: 10-Second Mustang? PLUS Supercharged Test Drive - AmericanMuscle.com
July 2014 is full of crazy things going down here at AmericanMuscle.com, your Ford Mustang headquarters. Check it out at http://www.americanmuscle.com/monthly-specials.html Here's what we have going on: - Can Our Fox Body Crack Into the 10's? - Ride Along in Our Employee's Supercharged Fox Body - Go Customize Your Very Own 2015 Mustang! - Christmas in July? Santa Hits the Track! - Install a Short Throw Shifter with Justin - Hot New HRE Wheels for Your 2005+ Mustang - Add Power to Your GT500 with an Off-Road X or H! - Did You Win a Set of MMD Wheels? Check Here! This month, we took Project Fox Body, our 1993 Mustang GT Convertible that we full restored and built into a supercharged beast back to the track to try and crack the 10-second mark. If you remember, we were running mid-11's with a clutch that had seen better days. It was time to upgrade and take her back for more. Unfortunately, the track temps were over 103 degrees and the car wasn't performing any better, actually going backwards to a 12.0. However, we'll back in the cooler weather to try and tackle the 10-second threshold! Want a ride along in a supercharged Fox Body? Our employee Stephanie takes you along for a ride with some new modifications! She's pushing nearly 400RWHP and is ready to take her Fox Body project to the next level after some added Boost through a different bottom-end and a new Bama Performance custom tune to put it all together. We also recently ordered a few 2015 Mustangs for our fleet here at AmericanMuscle. Now you can head to the Ford Customizer and build your own 2015 Mustang S550 and price one out! It's also Christmas in July around here! Want to save big on some Mustang parts this summer? Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and watch for an email on the 24th of July if you want some Holiday savings! This month we also walk you through the installation of an SR Performance Short Throw Shifter and Bracket combo for any 2011+ Mustang. Now this install is pretty in-depth, so we have a separate video for the full breakdown, but we walk you through the install right here in the monthly video so you can see how easy it will be if you choose to install one on your own Mustang. Hot New products are landing in July including HRE Wheels for your Mustang. You wanted the baddest high-end wheels for your Stang and we delivered. We're offering a full line of HRE's top wheels in all finishes. If you want some eye candy, head over to the site. Got a GT500 and want an affordable off-road X pipe or H pipe that's constructed in full stainless steel by Stainless Works? Exclusively at AM is the new off-road X and H pipe intermediate pipes from Stainless Works that we worked with them to bring you on our Bolt-On Build-Up series for 07-09 Shelby GT500, 10-12 Shelby GT500 and 13-14 Shelby GT500. Finally, we give away a set of MMD Wheels from last month's video and announce a new contest and a chance to win some bucks! Tell us what you want to see us do in the next monthly video by commenting below... Make sure you subscribe to AmericanMuscle.com Videos right here on YouTube for the best Mustang videos right to your doorstep. We want you to be the first to see our Mustang Car Show, Mustang News, our Mustang Project Cars, Mustang Parts Reviews, Mustang Builds and our Bolt-On Mustang Build-Ups. And for all things Mustang, keep it right here at AmericanMuscle.com!

2000 Mustang GT Kenne Bell 1.7 Playing On Streets
Quick video of the ol stang

Eaton Supercharger
Eaton booth at SEMA. A description of their Superchargers.

Mustang MMD 551C Wheels (05-14 All) Charcoal, Black & Silver Review
Check out MMD 551C Wheels in Charcoal, Black and Silver for your 2005-2014 Ford Mustang. Available in 19" and 20" fitments. http://www.americanmuscle.com/Mustang-mmd-wheels.html MMD 551C. Add sleek race inspired styling to your late model S197 Mustang with a set of Modern Muscle Design's 551C wheels. Featuring a concave flat five spoke design the MMD 551C is the perfect wheel for use on the street, strip or track. Matte Charcoal Finish. Completed in a dark charcoal hue that is lighter than the standard "Henry Ford" black, this MMD wheel features a modern matte finish for a stealthy appearance, with the added benefit of never noticing brake dust. Matte Black Finish. Completed in a "Matte Black" finish for a sinister appearance that everyone will be envious of. This MMD wheel features a satin clear-coat for a stealthy presentation, that protects against stone chips and pitting with the added benefit of never noticing brake dust. Bright Silver Finish. This MMD wheel is completed in an attractive bright silver, that looks great on any color Mustang. Featuring a durable clear coat finish, this rim is designed to resist pitting, brake dust buildup & stone chips, for many years of head-turning enjoyment. Lifetime Warranty. Modern Muscle Design wheels have a lifetime structural warranty, which means you'll never have to worry about the workmanship of your new wheels. 1 Year Finish Warranty. Your new MMD Mustang wheels have a 1 year warranty against defects in the finish of your wheels. Drive them daily, not just to the shows! Application. The Modern Muscle Design 551C Wheel fits the front or rear (8.5" width wheel) and rear-onl (10" width wheel) of all 2005 to 2014 Mustangs, including the V6, GT, Bullitt, BOSS and Shelby GT500 models. Free Mounting & Balancing: Professional mounting & balancing is available on all wheels and tires when purchased together on the same order, so you can just swap your wheels in your driveway when they arrive. We even offer Free Nitrogen tire fill. Mustang Fitment: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Item #: 100253, 100260, 100259, 100255, 100261, 100262, 100257, 100263, 100264 MMD 551C Charcoal Wheel - 19x8.5 (05-14 All) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/mmd-charcoal-551c-19x85-0514.html MMD 551C Charcoal Wheel - 20x8.5 (05-14 All) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/mmd-charcoal-551c-20x85-0514.html MMD 551C Charcoal Wheel - 20x10 (05-14 All) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/mmd-charcoal-551c-20x10-0514.html MMD 551C Matte Black Wheel - 19x8.5 (05-14 All) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/mmd-matteblack-551c-19x85-0514.html MMD 551C Matte Black Wheel - 20x8.5 (05-14 All) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/mmd-matteblack-551c-20x85-0514.html MMD 551C Matte Black Wheel - 20x10 (05-14 All) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/mmd-matteblack-551c-20x10-0514.html MMD 551C Silver Wheel - 19x8.5 (05-14 All) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/mmd-silver-551c-19x85-0514.html MMD 551C Silver Wheel - 20x8.5 (05-14 All) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/mmd-silver-551c-20x85-0514.html MMD 551C Silver Wheel - 20x10 (05-14 All) - http://www.americanmuscle.com/mmd-silver-551c-20x10-0514.html

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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