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Exceed RC nitro gas car


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R/C Car VS Nissan GTR R35 "Godzilla"
Well the challenger has accepted the race and it's on! It was a very close race in terms of speed but the GTR is just too much of a beast. BUT we'll be back again with a tuned Madspeed for the ultimate match. Be sure to like this video to support more videos like this. Thanks again for watching. Check out all the cool RC cars at http://Nitrorcx.com

Radio Control FPV Drift Car -- On Road RC Drift Car
The FPV Drift Car. Coming up next The FPV Drifting that will give you true Car drift feeling and hours of First person view Drifting chase with your friends. Check out the newest coming up ultimate fun. Not hours of fun but all time fun. This is a simple introduction review of the new Walkera Devo F7 and a peek at walkera Devo F4 FPV Radio system and Walkera Plug and play FPV System that suites all kind of RC models. No matter if they fly or drive on road, these new FPV Radios with Built in FPV Screen, Video Receivers and Plug and Play low power FPV Systems with HD recording features at the same time, simply bring us unlimited choices. Limit is your creativity only. In this video you can see my Setup with Walkera Devo F7 FPV Radio, and Walkera Devo 4 with 5.8ghz FPV System on my old Redcat Racing on road RC Drift car. This starts a whole new type of fun, not only for me, but for all of you RC Car lovers (Ground RC Lovers) Enjoy this review and subscribe so you do not miss the upcoming Reviews and some awesome FPV Drifting fun. Comments and feedback welcome at alishanmao@gmail.com , info@onlyflyingmachines.com and alishanmaolife@gmail.com Don't forget to visit http://www.onlyflyingmachines.com , and Subscribe to http://www.youtube.com/alishanmaolife and http://www.youtube.com/alishanmao http://onlyflyingmachines.com Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music

Silverlit Bluetooth RC Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Car. Interactive RC Car Review
Interactive Bluetooth R/C Mercedes SLS AMG Car Review http://www.daddoes.com/9302/review-bluetooth-rc-mercedes-benz-sls-amg/ Today we review a very different type of R/C car. Yes, you can use your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) to control this Mercedes Benz, and it is a fast and fun remote control car. However, the real fun starts when you turn the radio on and suddenly the Mercedes Benz turns into a remote controlled external speaker to stream whatever music you have on iTunes! In addition, the Mercedes Benz from Silverlit has all types of Bling. The doors open with the touch of a button on the app. Music can blast and the lights can flash in sync with the music. You can even have the car move to the beat. If you like R/C cars or have always wanted a Mercedes but could not afford it - you will love this gadget. Part toy, part speaker, all fun! The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Bluetooth R/C Car from Silverlit sells for about $79. Please visit http://www.DadDoes.Com for a full review of the Silverlit Interactive Bluetooth R/C Mercedes Benz SLS AMG car.

Fast Remote Control (RC) Car Street Racing (Fully Modified VXL Rustler)
Jeremy blows glass for a living. He also builds cars. But not just any kind of car. Super fast remote control (RC) cars. This is a fully modified VXL Rustler. He's looking to break the world record. Make sure you also check out this car's tire ballooning demonstration video at http://youtu.be/LmFZgR_SQ_E For more original content visit The Happy Hospitalist at http://thehappyhospitalist.blogspot.com

RC Driftin skillz
Rc driftin at its best. Song: A Couple Of Blocks - Briscoe

Rc Drifting ラジコンニューヨーク
コースの風景等。 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-Nj2IoXVrs Christian Bale Song: The Sweetest Ever by : Musicshake

Fast and Furious HPI baja - failed try

Remote control car full size rc stunt auto 1:1 Wijnakker CarCasting.tv
Remote controlled car real size 1:1 stunt car rc auto. Op afstand bestuurbare ware grootte auto voor stunts etc. sturen, vooruit, achteruit, remmen, schakelen, veiligheid bij verlies signaal gaat de motor uit en de rem en handrem worden geactiveerd. Extra mogelijkheden om de auto met een air cannon om te flippen, onder het rijden te laten exploderen etc. Of gewoon met 120 km/uur tegen een boom / andere auto te laten rijden. Mogelijkheden genoeg. Een dure stuntman is voor deze gevaarlijke stunts niet meer nodig. Wij kunnen bijna iedere auto ombouwen. Engineer: Jan Wijnakker. www.carcasting.tv full size 1:1 remote car. system can be built in almost any automatic car. ajustments: steering, brakes, handbrake, power switch, fail safe, onboard camera with transmitter. Engineer: Jan Wijnakker, www.carcasting.tv Netherlands (europe)

RC subaru tt-01.MOV

Tim Cameron Breaks Atlas Transfer Case
Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MadRam11 MADRAM11 T-Shirts, Dvds, Hoodies, Koozies and more  http://madram11productions.com/mr11store TC was hard on the Gas when he snapped the Rear OutPut in half in the Atlas II Transfer Case. Guess it's time for some 300m Outputs!!

final cut RC drift

Blown HR Supernats 2003 @ Eastern Creek
Back in the old Supernats @ Eastern Creek days - Sal's Forza powered blown HR Holden puts on a decent burnout.


kadet levando parati
kadet empurrando parati

Big Block Burnout
Just having a play, Blown big block 77 Firebird

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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