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Formula 1 Lap Comparison (Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium)

A lap comparison between Mika Häkkinen in the McLaren-Mercedes in 1998, Mark Webber in the Minardi-Asiatech in 2002, Fernando Alonso in the Mild Seven Renault in 2005 and Mark Webber in the Red Bull-Renault in 2010 on the Belgian track Spa-Francorchamps. Sound comes from the clip top left. I do not own any of these materials. All rights belong to Formula One Management.


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Formula 1 Lap Comparison (Sepang, Malaysia)
A lap comparison between Heinz-Harald Frentzen (Jordan, 1999), Fernando Alonso (Renault, 2003), who got pole position, and Lewis Hamilton (McLaren, 2010) on the Malaysian track Sepang in Kuala Lumpur. Sound comes from the clips at the bottom. I do not own any of these materials. All rights belong to Formula One Management.

Formula 1 Lap Comparison (Melbourne, Australia) #2
Lap comparison between Michael Schumacher in the Ferrari in 2004, Takuma Sato in the Super Aguri-Honda in 2007, Bruno Senna in the Hispania Racing Team "HRT"-Cosworth in 2010 and Sebastian Vettel in the Red Bull-Renault in 2011 on the Australian track Albert Park in Melbourne Sound comes from clips top left and bottom left.

PERFECT SOUND of Formula 1 BossGP at Spa Classic - Formel 1 Formula One
http://www.spa-classic.com/ BOSS GP boasts an attractive calendar for the upcoming season. The spectacular class with old but lightning-fast Formula 1 cars, Champcars, Indycars and World Series cars will visit seven circuits in different countries in Europe during seven race weekends in 2011, an here are some impressions of the Spa-Classic event. http://www.spa-classic.com/ van Kalmthout Marijn Benetton B197 Zwart Klaas Benetton B197 van Eerd Frits Tyrrell 026 Woodcock Michael Arrows A21 de Boer Henk Panoz DP01 Bourgois Philippe G-Force Renstrup Jens Dallara Gerstl Ingo Dallara Antunes Tavares Carlos Dallara Herndlhofer/Bernd Dallara Nissan Becker/Karl-Heinz Dallara Nissan DeBlandre/Alain Lola T8900 Gruber/Norbert Dallara Renault

Formula 1 Lap Comparison (Istanbul, Turkey)
A lap comparison between Kimi Raikkonen in the McLaren in 2005 (pole position), Felipe Massa in the Ferrari in 2007 (pole position), Felipe Massa in the Ferrari in 2009 and Sebastian Vettel in the Red Bull in 2011 (pole position) on the Turkish Grand Prix in Istanbul. Sound comes from the clip top left. I do not own any of these materials. All rights belong to Formula One Management.

62 years of Formula 1
Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011. The starting line for the F1 run group.

Spa Francorchamps 2013 Crashes
Essence of Speed The home of racing and crashes. http://essenceofspeed.nl/ Don't forget to subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/user/Classje

F1 2013 - R09 - Massive comparison lap Nurburgring onboard
Massive comparison lap Nurburgring onboard * I do not own any of the content featured in this video. The footage is owned by Formula One Management. All rights belong to FOM, as are the rights to the footage.

Caparo T1 driven by Mika Hakkinen
Double F1 Champ takes the Caparo for a spin

Formula One SPA Francorchamps Renault R28 2009 Great Sound
World Series By Renault 2009 == http://jusju08.skyrock.com == == http://jusju08.skyrock.com == == http://jusju08.skyrock.com ==

Formula 1 - 1958 Spa Francorchamps

Mark Webber - Onboard - Spa 2002 F1
Webbers early qualifying run in the Minardi.

F1/GP3/ILMC Lap Comparison (Silverstone, Great Britain)
Lap comparison between Jenson Button in the Formula One McLaren-Mercedes MP4-26 in 2011, Alex Brundle in the GP3 in 2012 and Allan McNish in an Audi R18 competing in the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup in 2011 at the British Circuit near Northampton, Silverstone. Before you all send comments about how this is not a fair comparison, or even a comparison on its own, I'd like you to know that this clip shouldn't be taken too heavily, it's just for fun. What I wanted to know, before I made this, was how fast a Le Mans car would be in comparison to a Formula 1 car. When I'd done that, I thought: why stop there?, and I compared to a GP3 car as well. The results are that a F1 car is a lot faster than a Le Mans car and a GP3 is actually almost as quick as the Le Mans car. If it were dry during the ILMC weekend, I think McNish would've beaten Brundle.

F1 Spa-Francorchamps 1970
F1 - 1970 Belgium Grand Prix - Spa-Francorchamps

Formula 1 Lap Comparison (Suzuka, Japan)
Lap comparison between Felipe Massa in the Ferrari in 2006 (pole position) and Sebastian Vettel in the Red Bull-Renault in 2009 (pole position) at the Japanese track of Suzuka.

comparison of a F1 car to other fast cars
Ever wondered how fast a F1 car really is... have a look at this... very impressive!!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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