Kawasaki ZL 1000 "New sound on old bike"

The sound of my new slip-ons mounted on my Kawasaki ZL 1000 1989. Exhaust made by Dale Walker, Holeshot.

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KAWASAKI KZ1000 Z1000 とし君 愛車
ライダーズカフェMACHの常連のとしくんの愛車、 次回登場の際には、外装が一変するので注目株です、 こちらから引用 http://www.labikeriders.com/impression/impre4.htm 1978 KAWASAKI KZ1000 - 1000ccにボアアップされたZ1の後継車。 ボアーを4mm げて1015ccとし83PSのパワーアップ、REAR DISC BRAKEや4:1MUFFLERの改良を受けて 最高速をアピール。  一度乗ったら、このKAWASAKI SOUNDに病みつきなる。 でも、6000RPMあたりからの振動は不快なのでバランスど などでREDUCEすることをお薦めする。  ノ-マルではパワー的に不足を感じるが所詮は20年 以上前のバイクなので期待薄。  しかし改造部品が豊富なバイクでもあるので、 BASE車両の出来が良く、 改造すればパワーアップは比較的容易にできる。 社外品の部品が豊富なだけに、 まだまだ普段の足としても楽しめるバイクであり、 ここアメリカでは$1,500.00前後で購入可能 なお勧めバイクの1台である。  It is an own car of of the habitue of Raidarzcafe MACH, and because the exterior changes completely when being appear next time, a noteworthy stock. Quotation from here http://www.labikeriders.com/impression/impre4.htm 1978 KAWASAKI KZ1000 Succession car of Z1 from which boa is improved to 1000-cc. The boa is expanded by 4mm and it is assumed 1015cc, and the power-up of 83 PS and the improvement of REAR DISC BRAKE and 4:1MUFFLER is received and maximum speed appeals. It is addicted and becomes this KAWASAKI SOUND when getting on once. However, the vibration per 6000RPM is recommended to do REDUCE with balance because it is unpleasant. -?After all, because it is a motorcycle 20 previous in year or more, it is expectation thin . in Maru though lack is felt to power. However, the power-up can be comparatively facilitated if completing the BASE vehicle is good, and it remodels it also because the remodeling parts are abundant motorcycles. Because parts of goods outside the company are abundant It is a still motorcycle that can be enjoyed as a usual foot, and 1 of the recommendation motorcycles that can be bought in the here United States before and behind $1,500.00.

ZRX1100 vs ZL900

Kattegat Tour in Strada velomobile Part 4
Part 4 The lonely ride home: From my ride or mini tour to take part in a bike ride (Øresund Rundt) with recumbents and velomobiles organized by the Swedish HPV club. Then drove around the Kattegat; Kattegat is is a sea between Denmark and Sweden with an area of approximately 21,000 km². In the north it is via the Skagerrak in connection with the North Sea and in the south of the Baltic Sea through the Little Belt, the Great Belt and Øresund.

Strada Velomobile 400 km Brevet 2015
400 kilomer ride. Sunny, but unfortunately also very chilly wind with strong gusts