Kawasaki ZL 1000 "New sound on old bike"

The sound of my new slip-ons mounted on my Kawasaki ZL 1000 1989. Exhaust made by Dale Walker, Holeshot.

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Kawasaki Eleminator BRUTAL sound

Sound test after exhaust rework on ZL900 Eliminator (4 into 1 )
having a passion for motorcycles made in the mid-to- late 80's, parts are hard to come by. when i bought my motorcycle, it came with aftermarket Exhaust system on it, but never cared much for the long muffler ( can ) so i rerouted pipe, & shortened the muffler (can) made new brackets, & this is the end result ! a lot more modern look, & nice deep sound. enjoy !!!!

ZL1000 with ZRX1200 Motor
ZL1000 on Dynojet i Aalborg , Denmark

1987 Kawasaki ZL1000 Eliminator
My new babydoll playtoy. Yes I know I let the dude get over on me a bit but it's A: one that I wanted when they were new and B: collectible enough a little elbow grease makes her worth a hair or 2 more than the goldwing ..