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Infiniti M45 Review - Budget Baller V8 Sedan You've Never Heard Of
This car review is all about a V8 sedan that's fun, packed full of features, and most importantly cheap. Checkout this review to see how much of a value a used Infinity M45 really is.

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2006 Infiniti M45 Review
In a corprate world ran by BMW and Mercedes, it's hard to compete. The high priced german luxury cars seem to have the market cornered for peak performance and style. But what if something could do it for less? Much like outsourcing manufacturing to china, why wouldn't you want similar quality for cheaper? The Infinity M45 is a luxury sports sedan for a cheaper, mass produced price. With a V8 pushing 355hp to the wheels, the M45 has plenty of power to get you to those board meetings and corporate lunch-ins. The interior provides a comfortable and still modern experience, featuring technology some 2016 cars don't even have. The 2006 Infinity M45 is a great car, and I'd recommend it to anyone who knows their own 401k.