Veilside NSX widebody driving through mall (remake)

An old video of ours remade to avoid music copyright problems. It has also been edited and cut down a lot from the old version. Video was shot about 2 years ago so most of you know my NSX has been modified a lot more since then.

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Veilside Fortune Acura NSX
A white Veilside Fortune Acura NSX arriving at and leaving Morning Octane. (September 26, 2015 / Arcadia, CA)

Veilside Fortune NSX and Nissan GT-R
A Veilside Fortune NSX and Nissan GT-R leaving Extreme Dimensions' 6th annual Open House event. (September 15, 2012 / Fullerton, CA)

Nissan GTR 2016 VS Acura NSX 2017 This video has been by far the most hyped video we have yet to release. We hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did making it! Let us know what else you would like to see. Thanks for Watching! Please Subscribe! Instagram pages: Offical: The_ExoticRevolution Chris Collins: chriscollins_limitless Alex Hill: bubbaman8

Veilside fortune Rx-7
engine mods to this car on my other vid music by Paul Oakenfold