Veilside NSX widebody driving through mall (remake)

An old video of ours remade to avoid music copyright problems. It has also been edited and cut down a lot from the old version. Video was shot about 2 years ago so most of you know my NSX has been modified a lot more since then.

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Veilside Fortune Acura NSX
A white Veilside Fortune Acura NSX arriving at and leaving Morning Octane. (September 26, 2015 / Arcadia, CA)

Veilside fortune Rx-7
engine mods to this car on my other vid music by Paul Oakenfold

539HP FXMD Widebody Acura NSX
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Veilside Fortune NSX and Nissan GT-R
A Veilside Fortune NSX and Nissan GT-R leaving Extreme Dimensions' 6th annual Open House event. (September 15, 2012 / Fullerton, CA)