Lexus sc300 2JZGTE 40-140 mph pull :)

just a quick pull in my sc300 with a 2jzgte swap, Master power T70mm turbo at 17.4 psi on E85 Stock transmission ;( Stock e.c.u with a SAFC2

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SC300 2JZGTE swap VS C6 Corvette LS3
My new project SC300 2jzgte swap with a single 61mm turbonetics turbo at 15 psi, stock fuel, E.C.U stock engine on pump gas vs a C6 LS3 corvette at 550 RWHP. 40-140 PULLS Just testing out the new ride before the parts start coming in ;)

SC300 1jz single turbo 40mph to 160mph pull
On 27 doing a quick pull to see how car is doing my friend was driving and redline on 4rth gear,car has ~ 400whp.

cherplex's sc300 with single 2jzgte, 6spd, etc....
Having fun with 16psi.........

400+ whp Lexus SC300 2JZ-GTE 67mm Turbo. (Aristo Motor)
The Lexus is in rough shape but the swap is working great. It runs at about 11psi making a little more than 400hp. I filmed these few pulls around town with my GoPro 3 Silver and thought I would share. Believe it or not I didn't speed in these clips, It was pretty much 2nd gear pulls every time. Wiring thanks to my friend Rich. Lots of time Put in by my friend Fin. As for mod details here goes: 2jz-gte from an Aristo W58 Transmission ACT Extreme clutch 2jzgte generic T4 turbo Exhaust manifold CX racing 67mm turbo 3" thick Intercooler Welded myself some 3" Intercooler piping 4" downpipe 11 Psi ebay Wastegate Knockoff Tial Blow off Valve (weaker of the 2 springs) Warboro 255 fuel pump Custom 4" Exhaust from downpipe to tailpipe Map-Ecu Laptop (not a mod but i use it for data logs and tuning) AEM wideband New timing belt and gasket set for 2jz Gte (ill add more as I remember them)