Motorcycle Wheelies Into Police Officers Patrol Car EPIC FAIL Cop Punches Caught Biker Fights Cops

CHECK OUT (((( )))) FACEBOOK @ Motorcycle crashes wheelie into the back of police officers car & after the accident the cop throws the rider to the ground the continues to beat the rider on the ground as he holds up his hands to show the police officers his not resisting arrest. This is all caught on camera from 3 different angles as riders watch. This is a insane stunt bike crash watch as stunt rider wheelies right into the back of a KCPD police car landing on top of the car rear trunk this trick went wrong & was all caught on video tape filmed from GO PRO HERO 3 mini helmet cameras. The street bike rider was arrested & charged with multiple traffic & resisting arrest charges in by KCPD in KCMO or Kansas City, MO. This took place on a motorcycle stunt ride with about 40 plus bikes. You can clearly see the cop slammed on his brakes causing the rider to rear end the police officer. ENJOY & PLEASE SHARE!!!!!!!

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