honda cbr 600 2011-04-12

this is my honda cbr 600 f1 1988 with a newer style of honda cbr 600 rr 2004.

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Jonathan Horton 2011 GSXR 600 and 2008 CBR 600
Hey guys this is 08 Olympian Jon Horton. I just wanted to share a video of my new toys. Yes I am aware, after watching this video, that I like to use the word phenomenal a lot. haha you can judge me later. Also, the video doesn't do the bikes justice with how well they sound. Hopefully I can get some better quality later. Anyways, hope you enjoy it, and I will have more videos soon of gymnastics and more motorcycles

HONDA CBR 600 AÑO 1988

1989 cbr 600f streetfighter project scrapyard rebel "D3RBY"
THE SIDE FAIRINGS ARE OFF due to some work I was doing, but I do have them and it looks much more complete.

Honda Hurricane CBR 600 F1
I bought this bike in terrible shape, all plastics were smashed and mismatched. Bike didnt run and was in overall bad shape. Took 5 months and lots of elbow grease. I love it now !!!