Supercharged RSX Type S vs 500whp FD

Supercharged Rsx-s going against a 500 wheel power RX7. Video shot from the RX&

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DJ Jims 2005 RSX Type S JRSC Supercharged
On the Dyno, gettin tuned!

RSX Type S vs. Cobalt SS/SC
10mph roll... RSX Type S: Injen CAI, DCRH Cobalt SS/SC: Test pipe

Rsx-s vs Rx-7 How to start races
Just fukin around I saw an rx-7 did him up for fun Rsx-s vs Rx-7 How to start races

500whp Turbo RSX
Part throttle tunnel run. Car in front had his blinker on for 5 minutes before i got.up to.him and passed him..and still nevwr changed lanes.