My "new" 1991 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Convertible

Here's my 1991 Trans Am convertible that I just bought a few days ago. It's basically all original (however Exhaust was replaced with the same factory model) *LB9 305 5.0 liter Tuned Port Injection engine. *700r4 transmission (4 speed auto) *Tan leather interior with factory CD player (wow!) Needs a tune-up, vibrates pretty hard at idle (any help?) Needs new drivers side window motor (power everything by the way... except for some seat adjustments) And needs some body work (surface rust). As far as I know... this is one of 3 youtube videos that are about a 91 Trans Am convertible (correct me if I'm wrong) Only 555 were made for the 91 model year. Who knows how many are left.

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Update on the 91 Trans Am
Walk around with a little burnout at the end. :) Sorry it took me so long to upload my progress... I didn't have a camera for a while. Lots of stuff done to it since that last walkaround back in August 2009. Here's most of the stuff I did in a nutshell: *New front fenders and hood. *New front suspension rebuild *Lots of rust-killing done *Paint *New fuel injectors *AC delete Click here for the details! serious.html

Retro Review: 1991 Pontiac Trans Am Convertible
0 to 60 in 7.8 seconds!

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 1991 Acceleration 0-140 km/h
Sound video - Burning Heart - (Studio Performing) Kelly Rida Cover Timecode Pinnacle: Beschleunigung Start bei sec - 45.00 sec 100 km/h bei Timecode 51.17 sec ( 6.17 sec ) 125 km/h bei Timecode 54.18 sec ( 9.18 sec ) 140 Km/h bei Timecode 57.06 sec ( 12.06 sec ) GPS: 100 Km/h 7.01 sec 125 Km/h 10.01 sec

Rare 1991 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Convertible For Sale
I'm selling my personal 1991 Pontiac Trans Am Convertible. 124k miles on odometer, but it stopped working about 4 months ago.Title showing 125k. Silver, Automatic.It's been used as my daily driver for the past 3 months with no trouble. Runs and drives great, sounds great, looks great on outside. When I purchased it, it was a one owner car. Needs restoration. Body in great shape. Interior is pretty shot. All seats need recovered or replaced, dash is cracked, etc. Very minimal rust on undercarriage. No rust on body that I've seen. Needs new Exhaust, passenger window just stopped working, master brake cylinder also recently developed a small leak. Tires have a little over 50% left, brakes around 25-35%. Someone tried to break into trunk a few months ago and busted the rear taillight and cut into the lock, so I can't get the trunk open. The passenger side headlight always goes up and down and makes a bit of noise, the drivers side headlight randomly works. I had a shop replace some of the worn parts in the front end and it drives much better, which caused the steering wheel to be out of position, so now the front end needs aligned so the steering well is level. Recent service including oil change, spark plugs and wires, fluid checks, and new radiator fluid. The previous owners upgraded the ac to R22 I think, and it blew really cold when I bought it, but I always drive it with the top down and haven't used ac untill today to test before listing and it doesn't seem to blow as cold. May need charged? The ball joint on the end of the cable going from the shifter to transmission recently came loose from the transmission. My mechanic reinserted it and braced it in, but said it would probably be a good idea at some point to replace cable. Belts look new. Top has been replaced and is like new. Switch to release top isn't working, to it has to be released manually to put top down. Carfax shows clear with no accidents, but several years ago it was in a fairly minor front end collision. Was enough to damage front fenders and passenger door, but not enough to damage radiator brace at front of car. Great project car. I drive up to 60 miles a day with no problem. Clear Florida title in hand. Asking $5,500 obo or trade for something with a manual transmission (truck or sports car). I can't stand to drive an automatic anymore. Not in a rush at all but definitely negotiable on the price taking into account the work needed to restore. Pontiac only made a little over 500 convertibles in 1991 and I think around 250 or so automatics. Not sure how many of those were silver. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions. I'm located in Palm Beach County in South Florida. 6seven8-86zero-6one41. The vehicle is also listed on ebay and craigslist as of 8/5/12. CareyWb