Karmann Ghia Window Scraper Install 2009

1960-71 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Window Scraper Installation. The procedure is the same for VW Ghia Coupes and Cabriolets, as the doors are identical. The only difference is the shape of the glass...

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Airhead KGPR ghia window install
Scott shows how to install a lowlight Ghia quarter window on one of the cars used in the 2007 movie, "Zodiac", starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Edwards, and Robert Downey Jr.

Karmann Ghia - Door Rubber, Color Sand & Buff
Putting on the door rubber weather seal... Not as easy as it looks. Also, the passenger door gets a color sand and buff job to make it shiny as it can be.

Karmann Ghia Windshield Trim Installation - 1956 thru early 66
1956 thru early 66 Karmann Ghia Windshield Trim (C-Channel/Profile) Installation. We carry the rubber and trim for sale here: www.karmannghia.com

Karmann Ghia Coupe Front and Back Windshield Installation
Installation of the rubber seals around a 1973 Karmann Ghia coupe's front and back windshields. The whole process (for both front and back) took 35 minutes. I used RuGlyde instead of dish soap and found it to be quite effective in cleaning as well as lubricating the rubber seals. It also helped that the day was mostly sunny to warm up and loosen the seals. The front windshield was installed without a 2nd person but I found the back windshield absolutely required someone pressing down on the chrome bits to make sure it they didn't pop out.