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Exploding Turbo Charger: NS Locomotive Failure With a Smoke Show Near Toledo, Ohio.
**READ FULL DESCRIPTION** This was a great departure scene of an NS mixed freight departing from a red block untill some jack wagon goes around the gates and blocks my shot and after that....... The Un-Expected happens............ NS mixed freight: C40-9 # 8862, EX- CR SD70 #2573(ol' Smokey), SD70M-2 #2737, and C40-9W # ? The smoke was caused by a blown turbocharger gasket and the locomotive is burning it's own lube oil. it's a huge deal and the loco diesel engine can be saved but it needs to be shut down asap also It got all over me, the camera, and my grandpa's truck, but it was an awsome experience!!! Video property of : AmtrakCSXRailfan

TDI Turbo failure
VW Golf TDI turbo failure

Retarded Truck Driver
It is amazing how easy it is for a big rig to get stuck. This guy was trying to pop the curb in a small hometown pharmacy. I don't really even know what he was trying to do.

S13 Top Speed And Engine Failure
testing top speed of 200SX S13 1.8 turbo CA18DET ... blown engine at 240kmh (actual GPS verified speed - rear tires were bigger than stock)... conrod broke in 5th gear at 6400rpm (at top speed and peak power) and was launched trough engine block... on german autobahn, ofcourse... ;) ;) ;) btw... the car was bought for some spare parts, we knew the engine was not that good, but checked all the fluids...after the engine blew it acctualy didnt matter, I really dont like CA engines anyway... right now i have 3 S13's (1 CA i 2 SR) and 1 build S14 SR...